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  1. Yelmarb

    MKE2-5 to XLR

    I'd like to connect an MKE2-5 mic (with pigtails) to an XLR connector. There's a red, blue and shield within the MKE2-5 cable but I can't find any definitive wiring diagram to connect an XLR connector to it. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  2. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom Maxx 2.0?

    Sorry to pour gas on this fire but I too would like a Maxx but without Zaxnet it just doesn't add up. Let me demonstrate with some prices from Trew Audio as of December 2013: 6 channel Nomad with built in Zaxnet and QRX100 receiver = $6195. 4 channel Maxx with QRX100 and QFIB option for Zaxnet = $5990 So as I want Zaxnet I would save $200 buying a Maxx but I would lose the following options: - 2 additional channels, with option to upgrade to even more - AES inputs - A myriad of bus routing options - The ability to control my transmitters from the mixer/recorder (yes it can be done with the QRX but not as easily) - Voting on ERX's - This list goes on... The wireless camera link option on the Maxx is great for guys who work with shoulder mount tv cameras but for those of us that don't, it's not an attractive option at all. I'm sure there's a very good reason behind omitting Zaxnet in a Maxx but my money will be spent elsewhere.
  3. Yelmarb

    New from Zaxcom....

    IFB200 seems like a good companion to the Maxx but that power toggle switch from 1965 looks like something that would be switched off just when you don't want it to. Why would Zaxcom not implement the soft button, press and hold power switch?
  4. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Exactly. Your work is different to my work. So to think that EVERY user who just wants 4 channels won't have any use for Zaxnet is short sighted. I don't really see the big deal though, why not add it in as an option and charge extra for it? Glenn would get more of my money. Where it stands now, I'll be keeping my money though.
  5. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Definite mistake to omit Zaxnet from the Maxx. As a Nomad owner I think I've used all 6 channels maybe once or twice over the last 6 months and even then it was just to back up other channels. Typically it'll be 3, maybe 4. More often I just use 2 channels. However I ALWAYS have Zaxnet running. Seems short sighted to me as a Maxx owner will not buy ERX receivers or Zaxnet enabled transmitters. Seriously hope this gets changed before it comes to market.
  6. Yelmarb

    Connector ID

    Indeed it is! Thank you so much!
  7. Yelmarb

    Connector ID

    Thanks guys. It's looking more likely to be a Hirose but I can't seem to find any 6 pin Hirose connectors with a locking screw thread like this one. Radio is a Mototrbo but that has nothing to do with this connector as it's the headset connecting cable that's important. It too is Motorola branded but there's no description of what plugs they use on their website.
  8. Yelmarb

    Connector ID

    Doing a little experiment with a Motorola 2 way radio headset. Can anyone ID what this 6 pin connector is? It enables the push to talk button, headset mic and received audio.
  9. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom TRX900 SA DC Input ?

    Jack is there a reason you're running 2 TA5's out of your rx when you could just run 1 TA5 split into 2?
  10. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom TRX900 SA DC Input ?

    Sweet, that's very nice! Does Lectrosonic's TA5 female to 2 x XLR3 work on a QRX100 or are the pinouts different?
  11. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom TRX900 SA DC Input ?

    A right right angle mini XLR plug? Is that something you customised?
  12. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom TRX900 SA DC Input ?

    True, however the connector right next door to it is a 5 pin mini XLR, which to my knowledge is not available in a right angle configuration. Hence there doesn't seem to be much point in it as the straight mini XLR drops down as far as what a straight DC plug does.
  13. Yelmarb

    Zaxcom TRX900 SA DC Input ?

    Is there an advantage to using a right angle locking connector on a QRX100?
  14. Yelmarb

    Whispering to shouting in a single take

    Thanks Chris, I have TRX900's so that's a great way to use them. Would love to boom but the scene is set inside a car interior. Thanks for the great ideas everyone. Love this forum.
  15. Yelmarb

    Whispering to shouting in a single take

    Thanks guys. That's a good idea Eric, I can use a COS-11D for the whispering and an MKE2 for the shouting which has a lower sensitivity. You're right Robert, mounting 2 mics and tx's isn't easy. Ideally it would be great to try to get good sound out of this scene with just the one mic. Hmmm.