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  1. I'll have to give that a try. This will be the first K-tek pole that I've owned that has this issue. I've had a PSC, Loon, and Ambient QX poles that didn't have this issue so it came as a surprise in K-teks new line. Side note - K-tek's current KP pole's knuckles and feel remind me of Loon's though not as refined. By far Loon's collars/collarette are the best that were manufactured in the US. Everything else about them needed a redesign. Gabe
  2. Hi all, Anyone have any issues with Ktek's newer klassicpro TA (TX adapter bottom; 'winglet'). It seems that any standard Neutrek connector will not lock into the adapter whether it be the old generation connector to the newer ones. My Zaxcom HM plug-on won't even lock in. Pictures below. I visited Ktek today to see if my TA was a defect. Unfortunately it does not seem so since I tried another TA from them with my cables and same result, not locking. Supposedly they were using a current generation of Neutrik connector as a test piece that was locking it in place. This connector locked into mine but doesn't help me at all. A lot of my XLR's has the older generation of Neutrik connector. I've been told that Wisycom plug-ons and Sennheiser plug-on's has this issue also. Can anyone confirm if Lectrosonics plug-on is a problem? Thanks, Gabe
  3. So after a few weeks... - You can have various mAh batteries charging at the same time. - The brands I am using currently on the charger are the PowerX 2700 and Panasonic Enelops Pro 2450 (Several years old) - I haven't tried the discharge feature yet. - The charger was acting a bit funny during the first few days. It would start charging the PowerX batteries (Brand new) with a green light than go red light with no charging on the LED meter with a quarter to half charge; like the display stalled. Sorry I have no pictures. After a bit more fiddling on the power connector to the charger its working fine as intended. As Constantin has mentioned, the fan is loud; from another adjacent quiet room, you'll hear it slightly with the door open. Not ideal if your in a hotel room and have the charger going. Also, I wouldn't travel with the charger, the plastic body seems like it wouldn't take a beating very well. I disconnect the charger every time I use the batteries, though I pretty much do that with all my chargers. The caddies are nice. They don't seem to ruin the outer jacket of the batteries like the other caddies we are used too. Gabe
  4. Sndspd


    Hopefully no more Zaxnet whine especially with the integration of the QRX212's?! Wishful thinking?! <Shrug> Gabe
  5. I received mine today. And have a few questions: - Can you have various levels of mAh batteries charging at the same time; can you have 2 2450mAh and 6 2700 mAh charging at the same time? - What is the lowest mAh battery that the charger will accept? - Are there certain brands that do well or worst with the charger? - How do you know after pressing the discharge button that the batteries are actually discharging? - Are the battery indicators suppose to flash to indicate charging cause mine goes from flashing with a green light to not flashing, red light when all the batteries are not even full. I am using Powerx 2700 mAh batteries only on the charger. Gabe
  6. Using TRX2.5 with 4060 SLIM (Hi sens.) also. Per se no issues, maybe losing some freq.'s due to it not being low DC but with the work I do, no one will notice. Apologies if this is hijacking the post but Pindrop, when using the SLIM snorkel, do you tape the back-end, almost covering the grill to make it stay in the button hole? I've tried and always get a nasty rubbing sound. Gabe
  7. Black wrap wrapping the TX with at least a foot or more (The more distance the better) of separation from the IFB200.
  8. Is the only difference between the 3 versions is the suspension like Rycote's hard and soft lyre's? Or does the whole mount contribute to the effect? Gabe
  9. I've been getting TC sync (Green TC light) with my ERX on firmware 1.34 with TC JAM MUTE TIME set to 1000MS on Dragon firmware 5.2.4. On my next run with the Dragon, I'll be trying firmware 1.37. Gabe
  10. I consistently use mine for the most part as advertised by Zaxcom since I use their QRX systems; input gain control (only for my boom), Zaxnet TX gain control, frequency adjustment, PFL, and Stop/REC. Its a panel I can't live without so mine stays on all the time. Gabe
  11. In Los Angeles about 50-60% of my work revolve around plugging into camera for primary audio either through TA-5 RF hop or a beta snake so the I/O side would be essential for easy access. Though I would love a smaller footprint bag like a modded OR-30, the amount of gear I have that lives currently in my PS602 necessitates a larger bag so I am hopefully the OR-41 fits that need. I am waiting around for the KTek version and also this one and love how much certain manufactors are now listening to a lot of end users. Gabe
  12. Hi Dave. Here is my current setup with a PEGz 2. The FP8 will hopefully stay attached to the Nomad all the time even if I use my Mix 8. The placement of the Micplexer 2 is due to my TX for camera hops which goes to the far upper right side ext. pouch. The RF cabling I just run behind the RX's; sandwiched between the RX's and the flap to the front pouch. The one thing I don't like about my current config is the wasted space I have between the FP8 and my RF stuff. I would like to put my LAV pouch and accessories box there but ain't enough room. So everything goes in the front pouch; everything mentioned previously, pens, dry erase, AA's, transpore, gold mount battery for power. I'm hoping that the side pouches on the Stingray will hold all that. Gabe
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