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    Happy birthday to our host

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
  2. Sndspd


    Using TRX2.5 with 4060 SLIM (Hi sens.) also. Per se no issues, maybe losing some freq.'s due to it not being low DC but with the work I do, no one will notice. Apologies if this is hijacking the post but Pindrop, when using the SLIM snorkel, do you tape the back-end, almost covering the grill to make it stay in the button hole? I've tried and always get a nasty rubbing sound. Gabe
  3. Sndspd

    IFB200 interfering with comteks

    Black wrap wrapping the TX with at least a foot or more (The more distance the better) of separation from the IFB200.
  4. Sndspd

    Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    West coaster distributor? Gabe
  5. Sndspd

    cinela cmit mounts test

    Is the only difference between the 3 versions is the suspension like Rycote's hard and soft lyre's? Or does the whole mount contribute to the effect? Gabe
  6. Sndspd

    Red Dragon does not sync...

    I've been getting TC sync (Green TC light) with my ERX on firmware 1.34 with TC JAM MUTE TIME set to 1000MS on Dragon firmware 5.2.4. On my next run with the Dragon, I'll be trying firmware 1.37. Gabe
  7. Sndspd

    FP8 users--what do you use it for?

    I consistently use mine for the most part as advertised by Zaxcom since I use their QRX systems; input gain control (only for my boom), Zaxnet TX gain control, frequency adjustment, PFL, and Stop/REC. Its a panel I can't live without so mine stays on all the time. Gabe
  8. Sndspd

    ORCA Bags Review

    In Los Angeles about 50-60% of my work revolve around plugging into camera for primary audio either through TA-5 RF hop or a beta snake so the I/O side would be essential for easy access. Though I would love a smaller footprint bag like a modded OR-30, the amount of gear I have that lives currently in my PS602 necessitates a larger bag so I am hopefully the OR-41 fits that need. I am waiting around for the KTek version and also this one and love how much certain manufactors are now listening to a lot of end users. Gabe
  9. Hi Dave. Here is my current setup with a PEGz 2. The FP8 will hopefully stay attached to the Nomad all the time even if I use my Mix 8. The placement of the Micplexer 2 is due to my TX for camera hops which goes to the far upper right side ext. pouch. The RF cabling I just run behind the RX's; sandwiched between the RX's and the flap to the front pouch. The one thing I don't like about my current config is the wasted space I have between the FP8 and my RF stuff. I would like to put my LAV pouch and accessories box there but ain't enough room. So everything goes in the front pouch; everything mentioned previously, pens, dry erase, AA's, transpore, gold mount battery for power. I'm hoping that the side pouches on the Stingray will hold all that. Gabe
  10. Please be consident of the FP8 with the Nomad; make room for it. Pretty please! :-) Gabe
  11. Sndspd

    Happy Birthday Jeff Wexler

    +1 to what Eric said. Happy Birthday Jeff! Gabe
  12. Sndspd

    Don't buy Loon Boom Poles

    Apologies if I'm hijacking the thread but didn't wanna start a new one for this and the thread was the most current on Loon's. This was sorta custom made for me from Audio Department in Burbank, CA. I didn't like the wing style from Loon and very much wanted something similar to K-Teks CCR's or PSC's version. After several years of having this idea in the back burner for my Loon, I asked them to come up with something. This is the end result and I am extremely happy. Gabe
  13. Sndspd

    RIP - Frank Scibella

    R.I.P. Frank You will be missed! Gabe
  14. Sndspd

    Show me your bag

    Hi Cody, very cool setup with the venue and 633. Would you mind explaining how you rigged your Dipoles in the front pouch please? I've been trying to find a workable solution. Thanks. Gabe
  15. Hi Bernie. The Cinela Piano will not fit in the case. Even if you broke down the Piano by taking the top part off, its a no go. Sorry. Gabe
  16. I got my 52 case a few days ago and its the case I've been waiting for to store my boom poles. I love it! Thank you to Dave, Brenda, and Karen for the excellent service and chat when I stopped by. Gabe
  17. The front pouches, can they support a zaxcom TRX/STA setup?
  18. Sndspd

    Headphones for Location Recording

    Hi Nate, has anyone who has bought the HD26 Pro experience any ultra-low level cable noise; mechanical noise; if the cable gets rub or bounces into anything, the noise travels up into the headphone. I am experiencing this and to my ears a sub-sonic rumble that is bugging the crap outta me. I ain't experiencing this with the HD25-1-II. I am wondering if the cable material is the issue.
  19. I had this issue a few months back with 3 C300 on an interview. The only way we could solve it was to rearrange which of 2 monitors that were AC'ed were going to which cameras. Also putting ground lifts on the 2 monitors. Unfortunately I heard the ground loop on the camera itself and my camera return to my Nomad so I had to deal with it; usually I'd only hear it on my return when it happens. I don't remember if any lighting was running off the same circuit as the monitors too. Gabe
  20. Sndspd

    Best option for audio feed to 5D and 7D cameras

    On 5D's where production wants some scratch track on it, an ERX. Usually that consists of my feed from Nomad and a 'video mic' through a Y-cable. Just a couple days ago, I used a prod. company's ERX's and cables for their 5D's. Their SOP was TC coming out of the ERX while a 'video mic' was hooked up all through a y-cable they ordered. A TC slate would only be used during interviews not for B-roll. On a side note and sorta off topic, the same prod. company would also run a RED Epic along side the 5D's so I would use my modded ERX and feed TC and scratch audio to the EPIC. As Justin said "BAD ASS"! Gabe
  21. Sndspd

    Scratch track for the Alexa

    I'm with Nate. Pretty much every Alexa shoot I've sent a mix track either through a beta snake or stereo RF and rolled on my end. But all of my gigs consists of camera's that can take some form of audio. Unless the camera op., producer, upper management insists of not having it, than I won't feed it. Otherwise if it has inputs, I'll feed it. Gabe
  22. Sndspd

    My New Zaxcom Experience

    Palmer, pretty cool especially when your bag looks pretty compact and light. Rado, Palmer, I'm curious about the range you guys got/get with the dipoles. I have a Nomad, micplexer, QRX setup also and would like to know if the dipoles contribute enough for the cost expense. Gabe
  23. Sndspd

    ERX2-TCD Output And Questions

    I ain't sure if he could since he spent some time just looking for the right BNC to use that would fit the latest casing.
  24. Sndspd

    ERX2-TCD Output And Questions

    My ERX's had the original bodies without the volume 'protector' so I had to get the new bodies for the mod to work. The service guy over at Audio Department; Burbank, CA. removed the volume knob, cut, routed, and soldered a lead from the board to the BNC. So the BNC is sending TC while the jack sends audio. Gabe