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    Kirill Belousov is an freelance sound engineer with over 10 years in industry.

    In 2005 he graduated from Sound Recording course and around same time started company named "SounDudes" along with his long time sound partner and friend Slava Dyachenko.

    Since that time developed new skills and evolved hugely in techniques as well as in quality of work performance and gear.

    Kirill is a huge enthusiast of sound recording and sound design. Kirill keeps learning art of sound recording no matter what obstacles are on the way.

    His work is quite well known in film and television. He loves his work and always tries to perform the best way possible.
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  1. You mean from SMA antenna back to stock or from stock to SMA? Your sentence is quiet confusing.
  2. Shooting with two Red Dragons, Amor 6 Teradecks, 2 remote focuses, 2 remote iris controllers, bunch of wireless. Occasional we have started experiencing this shimmery quiet noise few weeks ago. Can't figure out what causes it. We change frequencies and out goes away. Then grew weeks latter out comes back again. Using MKH50 with Lectro HM buttplug. Going into 688
  3. A: Usually I'd just give an SD card to DMT in the midday or in the end of the shoot. But you can plug in the USB key directly in to the machine. Sadly this part I think wasn't well thought out by the makers. And thus it might take a little while to copy info from SD to USB. If you'd like I can post a comment with images attached to it. Let me know. As for the USB format, I've tried just for this to use a Windows formatted card MS-DOS (FAT32) USB Key. And it read and worked perfectly with the machine. The file was 660MB and took about 1-2 minutes to copy to a USB key. Also do you mean copy as a backup copy or a mirroring copy (I don't think R-88 has that option)
  4. Hello fellow sound recordists and mixers. Once again, now it's close to 1.5 years since R88 is out. I can definitely say that I really like the machine. Of course there certain negative sides of it, but which machine doesn't have one. Anyways wanted to say, that after I've tried NP1 type batteries, currently using Frezzi-Max FNP-1MH, 13.2V-3.5AH - R88 performed with multi tracks enabled for over 9-10 hours without a siingle shutdown (I've done it for experiment specifically). I'm very happy with that amount of run time on a single battery, and right now I own a pair of those. I'm not going to brag and such about SD, Zax, Nagra, Fostex, Tascam, Marantz and whatnot. but in my close to 9.5 years of working in film as a sound recordist, this machine definitely deserves a spot in history, and from the good side mostly. TC bugs has being fully fixed after first update (it was resetting itself after shutdown) I run my TC on Deneke SB-2A a camera, never had any issues after that update (had to rejam after power off all the time) Poly B-wav are also work perfectly as well. Wishes: Multiple menus was added and hopefully more will be added. Also hoping in the future to get some assignable combinations of buttons, like on SD's recorders, similarly. Also would love to get a full MIDI #CC list with every single available comand on the machine to be able map the small controllers, not just jrcooper. Would be nice to see a possibility of routing a tape out for a Return, since it's most likely made digitally, so would be nice to be able to switch that sercuit in reverse. FYI: Done close to 8 features with it with 0% ADR, and multiple other works. Great machine.
  5. Now Roland fully fixed bug with the TC reset after restart in original firmware. So now just rejam the slate and camera and you are good to go. Added few new features, such as "Low gain input boost by 6dB", which is great for a super low level inputs. My question is now, would it support any USB fader from different companies or it wouldn't? I'm thinking to get Korg - nanoKONTROL2, I have a feeling that it should work since it uses standard USB-MIDI protocole. Gotta figure it out hard way, I'll go to the store with my R88 and test that controller. If it works it'd be great, cause I'll have a nice access to the LR mix faders, which currently are only in touch screen mode. Or maybe Roland will release some other control surface of their own that would have some features on it. We'll see. But overall I really like this machine. Personally more than 744, 788 for example. I like the interface of the recorder much more. The gain faders are very quiet for 3K price. I love the limiters that could have attack and threshhold tweaked for each channel. Also I love the fact of 96kHz for 8 channels mode. It's a very good piece of gear IMHO. ALso now it supports: 2, 4, 6, 8 polywavs. Just for the above earlier comments about "editors going crazy" about multi mono tracks.
  6. Finally gotten the Firmware update! Lot's of useful things added. Few of the main things are: 1) RTC TC doen't stop generating anymore after power off!!! Haven't had a chance to test the drifting of the TC after power off yet compare to TC Slate and Camera TC. Will see soon. 2) Polyphonic B-WAV is now there! Negative thing about it though now, when you record Poly machine doesn't record a L+R Mix into a separate file in the separate folder as when recorded in Mono or Stereo mode. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update!!! 3) Finally added settings for the Headphone O/p levels, i.e. 0dBFS and +12dBFS. Not sure still the point in a sense that what is the major point of using different outputs as they've said "to monitor quite sources". Don't know how truthful the signal flow will become with the +12dBFS boost. 4) Added +6dB Boost to the Input. IMHO quite useful function to get some extra kick on Dynamic or Low Level inputs or sounds in general. 5) HPF was extanded from 60Hz - 250Hz, so much more flezible now. Not sure but perhaps would be useful to make it even more flexible in a sense of increments of Hz to 3Hz/click than 10Hz increments. Otherwise great. 6) Input delay compensation was also added to all channels independantly 0-20ms. Definitely useful function, and not present on many other machines. 7) Added support of MIDI controllers which I'm yet to find good fitting one as well as portable and well supported by the machine. So can't say much about that for now. Will post more staff, when test new things. There is few other things but they aren't extremely important.
  7. I understand what it syncs to Constantin. That's not exactly what I was talking about. Also free-run doesn't make any difference, because you still have to resync in case if it screws up Best way I think is to have outboard generator like "TC Buddy" and then run it into "TC In" of the R88 and then use other generators on "TC Out" this way it'll be much more precise. But so far no one complained in post about my TC.
  8. Hi John, I've seen Roland being talking about this Firmaware update be available by mid June, it's about a week after mid June, how soon is it coming already??? Thanks.
  9. What are you guys talking about??? R-88 names files no problem at all. Click to Record Settings, choose Name menue, click Edit, type your name and press ok. Make sure to check mark proper name since there is 8 presets.
  10. " I would just hope that the pre's a cleaner than the R4. " - Way cleaner.
  11. I'd also recommend to get external batteries and external TC generator for R-88. Otherwise very good horsy.
  12. I acquired R-88 about a month ago. Used to use R-4 before. So far I'm loving the machine. ~ Mono or stereo files only (no poly wavs) - Somehow this is true, they do not produce poly 8 tracks anymore. R-4 used to make Mono, Stereo and Poly, this one doesn't. Though I prefer Mono personally, and I've never heard editors complaining about monophonic files before, Just lock it to the video and there is no need to struggle. ~ LCF and channel limiters are all behind the ADCs - I guess I can just say that is perhaps cuased by the 3K price. But I like the fact that you can tweak Attack and Threshold on Limiter, also they are independent for each track and Master section. I use Sound Devices MM-1 for a pre, so I use Pre fade LCF on MM-1. This way it becomes Prefade ~ You can record and USB interface simultaneously - IMHO this is a very big plus to this machine. There isn't many recorders that can record and be a interface at the same time. ~ No dedicated return from camera so you'd need to use an input or a monitor switching box - True. ~ You can copy files to a USB stick (but not record to both simultaneously) - Not yet, but I think it's perhaps a matter of a Firmware Update. Plus compare to R-4 it's way faster transfer speed as well as you can actually plugin USB device directly into the USB plug onboard. ~ Can select channels/tracks for the slate mic (but no talking to the boom op during the take as it will get recorded) - True, but at the same time only will be true in a 8+ tracking, otherwise you could send Slate mic to a separate channel, and talk to Boom VIA separate XLR 1-8 output. Only issue it would go in to a Recording as well, unless you'll just talk between takes and etc. ~ Limited metadata entry - True ~ Spectrum analyser on PFLs is novel (maybe 1 day we'll get a machine with wave form meters :-) - I like spectrum analyzer, but I'd rather prefer a level meter instead to see Direct inputs. ~ Instruction manual uses the words 'channel/s' and 'track/s' interchangeably. One dealer I spoke to said it sounded "good" (as in, "for the money", I guess) - Definitely a good buy. I used Roland/ Edirol, Fostex and Sound Devices in the past. Like them all for particular reasons. But I like Roland products. No reports yet about TC accuracy or RF spill - So far I didn't have any issues with TC while recorder is constantly on. No drifting detected. Though I must say I have to go menue for TC everytime after the powering off/ on. It looses RTC (Real TC) after that and adds few wierd hours to actual time. Couldn't figure out from where exactly yet. I'd recommend to get a separate mini TC Generator and just use it on TC I/P to make sure that you don't have to worry about to this menu every time. Otherwise if you keep machine on it doesn't drift so far. Use it with the Deneke Slate and a Gen Box on Red camera. Didn't have any problems. I hope that firmware update will remove that TC loss issue. Hopefully. Roland please look after this issue. I think no poly files could be a deal-breaker for serious use in the UK market, as editors don't like multi-track files that aren't polys. If anyone has used the R-88 don't be shy share your experience - This sounds honesty slightly strange to me personally. What's the problem with the UK editors and a monophonic editing??? Kirill.
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