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  1. Hey I’m tearing around New Orleans till Wednesday if any mixers want to grab a drink.
  2. Hi, I just got a Creality Ender 3 printer up and running and was wondering if anyone here had any nifty print profiles.
  3. Foam. And it's a tad too long. I would have trimmed the back of the foam but it wasn't my gear. I did not use a softie I don't know if this mount can handle the weight. I believe rycoye makes a similar sized mount that is one piece and very rigid for outdoor use.
  4. I was using the INV-LITE the other day with the short CMIT, found the old INV-6 had quieter handling in a lighter simpler, and cheaper design.
  5. Right now I'm on a show for Sony and payroll says it's fine.
  6. I guess if you're emailing these to payroll anyway that would serve as a backup since it'll be on your email server.
  7. Also, could it be possible to add a word to the rerate box? Such as boom op or mixer, so as not to presume the rate? Or should I just enter into the occ code?
  8. This looks great, I've already sent a sample to payroll to see if they'll take it. Question: Is there a backup feature? Also, a lot of payroll depts like if your hours go past midnight, that you count up from 24, so 3:30 am is 27.5. makes the math easier i guess Thanks for making this!
  9. Great this is def cheaper than the Trim Loc stuff through Grainger.
  10. Thanks Jeff, I went to the autozone down the street and found "door edge molding" that worked great. In my research I found this stuff called Trim Lok which looks identical to the stuff on the Film Tools shelves I have, both have an aluminum core that can pinch onto whatever your putting it on. Grainger and Amazon sell it.
  11. Hey, I'm building a cart based on a filmtools/backstage junior. i want to add rubber trim to the edges of the shelves, much like what you find on the PSC carts and upright film tools shelves. whats a good material to use, what's is that type of thing called?
  12. I broke one on the last show. Just putting a mic in, nothing unusual.
  13. Don't forget the subtle differences between all mics in the same line, which is why when buying stereo pairs it's desirable to get consecutive serial numbers. ive heard mics of the same model that are years apart in manufacture that sound noticeably different.
  14. Shoving the mic flag over it cracks me up
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