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  1. I see where you're coming from.But i Also believe there's a time and place to discuss this...this forum is to find work and or audio mixers. Maybe we can start a topic on another forum. cheers
  2. It only sounds bad because you're judging. Why would I want to imagine the opposite?Some companies prefer female sound mixers due to talent needs and comfort...is that ok for your expectations?
  3. Position filled...thanks for all who applied :-)
  4. Also why would all your take durations(length) be off by 1 second... except for take 1?
  5. Happy Birthday Eric!!! Now quick... go drink that bottle of rum you have in your hands.
  6. Sorry to hear that John,all good things come to an end.I remember the first time I heard the name John Coffey was back in 2004 when I was studying film in Chile and my Production sound teacher asked me to translate in to spanish "an open letter from your sound department." It really opened my eyes (ears) as to how to work together in a film crew and go beyond the role of a Sound Mixer and to work for the project but at the same time demanding the upmost respect for the craft. Thank you for that. I hope to not see you in the unemployment line Cheers M
  7. 2 um400a for sends for L/R mix to camera(I like to be able to see the led metering and being able to turn on/off the tx from the top,I do bag work)Might not seem too big of a deal but when you're running and gunning I find it helps. As for hops... Lectro Sra and Srb powered with sony nfp700 on a batt sled, which last a whole 12 hr day and them some. Cheers
  8. Do it! Positive affirmations work all the time(at least for me). +1 on what Martin said in his opening statement. I moved to the states in 2009 from Chile,with a film degree specializing in production sound. I PA'd for about a year and a half when I got here not really knowing anyone and always harassed sound mixers about gear and setups etc...I saved up and bought a 442(my first piece of gear)... made a few connections here and there a long the way. Let me tell you it hasn't been a long ride but every year is looking better and better. Definitely follow your heart on this but also have a plan,it sounds like you do. Be patient, it won't happen over night as someone said in a previous post. Always be willing to learn new things. This place is great for that and you have the best of the best to help you here if you ask nicely. It all works out in the end,if it doesn't then its not the end. Heck I'm moving to Asheville,NC in a few months...wish me luck!
  9. Wow man! That is amazing! Great work!I love the minimalism of this set up.
  10. Why do they need to shoot the 4 car interviews simultaneously? As for extreme run and gun, the example of the video you showed us is of sit down interviews and OTF's, I don't really see the run and gun in this. Maybe there's better examples of this run and gun you speak of. As for wanting to do all of what the production is asking you to do all by yourself is not very nice of them. I'm sure you want to be the guy who say's "I can do this and more!" and I'm sure that they're a nice group of people but this is work it's not personal. You've been given a lot of advice and have been warned from the previous posts from the members. And remember as a sound mixer you are setting the bar as Mike said earlier. But maybe you need to go through this as a learning experience,I know I have in the past. May the sound gods be with you on this one! PS: I feel like the Kellog's video is a tad bit out of sync especially in the car sequence and the trainer interview(audio before video). Could be the streaming or my crappy mac.
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