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  1. If the signal is distorted in the mixer how will an outboard limiter help ? You are monitoring the peak metering ? I would try a pad in front of the mixer before I started soldering. Al
  2. Is it the Vark pre amp part of this problematic signal flow ?
  3. My favorite brand logo has to be Telefunken and I was looking to find a T-shirt when I came across this Immersive Studio Experience at The Power Station NYC - I I was in this room mid 80's and it was an incredible space. It had a unique drum sound because of the rotunda. http://powerstation.nyc/ History of Telefunken https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/history https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/immersive-studio
  4. "Jerry Wexler had a big vocabulary, I'd always take a dictionary with me to NYC so I would know what he was saying" - Jimmy Johnson
  5. The music that spoke to me the most seemed to come from the triangle of Memphis, Nashville and Muscle Shoals. Jimmy Johnson was one of the originators of what came to known as the Muscle Shoals Sound. They used to get paid $25 per completed and everyone is happy side. He was the rhythm guitar player and he would find a place to add a little something that would just go to the root of the song. He was often the engineer and was the producer of record for the Rolling Stones. As musicians it wasn't ever about them, It was always about the song. Rolling Stone Obit https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/jimmy-johnson-obituary-880678/ NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/06/arts/music/jimmy-johnson-studio-staple-of-southern-soul-and-pop-dies-at-76.html Jimmy Johnson had something to do with every song that follows.
  6. https://www.prosoundweb.com/channels/live-sound/re_p_files_an_interview_with_bill_hanley/
  7. We had a 1st camera nicked as old 20 frame, after he forgot to reset the frame rate after a chase scene. We had gone to lunch and came back and shot and completed an entire 3 page scene before he realized his mistake.
  8. I think Spike does award nick names https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0309735/fullcredits/
  9. When I heard Heartbreak Hotel, I knew what I wanted to do in life. It was as plain as day. All I wanted to do in the world was to be able to play and sound like that. Everyone else wanted to be Elvis, I wanted to be Scotty. ... Keith Richards Scotty left the road and moved to Nashville where he built Music City Recorders and got more in to engineering than guitar playing. I act plus a found this website just filled w/ Elvis facts plus a studio section, discography, his guitar and lots of pictures http://www.scottymoore.net/
  10. Here are my Net 90 rates...
  11. I am a big fan of Kim and Charlie Parra. They have my back.
  12. This was a concert at Vanderbilt University in 1987 that was part of a Cinemax Special. Guests included Mark Knopfler, Emmy Lou Harris, The Everly Brothers, Willie and Waylon, Micheal McDonald and a band of Nashville's best musicians. I tried to get in but I was not Music City royalty, so no seat for me. Enjoy.
  13. The operators green monitor that just gave a suggestion of what the camera was seeing.
  14. There is an Al sighting in Studio Sound September 1984 Issue page 40
  15. Stanley Kubrick allowed his then-17-year-old daughter, Vivian, to make a documentary about the production of The Shining. Created originally for the BBC television show Arena, this documentary offers rare insight into the shooting process of a Kubrick film.
  16. Group photo from Beatles 1st US tour where the Bill Black Combo was the opening act - Reggie is back row, second from the right.
  17. Excellent, thanks for posting. Al
  18. There was a memorial service for Reggie in Nashville today and I imagine it was pretty well attended. This song featuring Reggie was played. Some days I miss living in Music City. The song is called Honey Bun. Honey Bun.mp4
  19. Reggie Young's first hit record was Smokey Part 2 by the Bill Black Combo. The BBC were the Beatles choice of opening act on their first US Tour. Reggie played on some of my most favored records, the ones that got me through high school. I got to work with him often in my previous life and he was a genuine as nice a person as any hero of mine might choose to be. Session guitar players would argue over who stole Reggie's licks first. Al We were recording with just local people but one of the things we did was an instrumental and I was playing guitar. I tuned my guitar down 2 steps and then played it with a pencil ... like tapping out a rhythm, it was a shuffle (simulating the sound with his voice and slapping his leg in time) you know but not using a pick, and we did this little instrumental called, "Smokey" Pt 1 & Pt 2, and anyway once a month the guy from London Records would come down to hear what we had done and he heard that, we didn't really think anything about it, and he said, "Wow, what is that?!" Well anyway they released it on London Records and it was a Top 10 instrumental. You know instrumentals sold back then and so I toured with Bill Black. In the middle of this I got drafted and had to go to Ethiopia for almost two years and got out, went back with Bill and worked at High Studio. At the time, Young says, “The union had a trade agreement with England and we were the trade band for The Beatles. In Europe, we backed up The Ronettes, who had the hit, ‘Be My Baby.’ Lulu was there, and The Kinks.” The tour yielded great music, long jam sessions, and new musical partnerships. Young became good friends with George Harrison. On the second leg of the tour, he met a 20-something Eric Clapton (then a member of the Yardbirds). “He was a blues player and I was too, so we hit it off pretty good. We learned from each other,” Young says.
  20. I think there is supposed to be another "F" in the acronym
  21. Martin This has nothing to do with Zaxcom. It is analog and digital, and Nyquist doesn't apply to analog Apples and oranges.
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