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  1. I've been using HM-701 by Oscar Soundtech for sometime now. I am quite pleased with them.
  2. I use the invision with my 416 and Schoeps CMC, and love it. Anyway the rubber doughnut mounts have been discontinued.
  3. I worked for them on a documentary almost 6 years ago. It was made by a friend. I surprised to see the budget they had sent her did not have any allocation for production sound. But she somehow managed to get some money out for sound. Which turned out to be a decent sum.
  4. We all had to graduate in physics before we could take the entrance exam to the film school. Vinod has managed to retain most of the stuff, I, being older has let much of what I've learnt evaporate. Suresh Bombay, India
  5. I am quite pleased with my single piece Pearl MSH10 for mainly documentary work. http://www.pearlmicrophones.com/index.php/products/microphones-by-application-film-video/msh10andmsh20-detail
  6. I think KMR81 sounds more rounded. But I am still a 416 user. But I agree with Robert, I'd rather go with a MKH50, Schoeps CMC641, or a MKH 8040/8050. These are very different microphones and will add another dimension to your quiver.
  7. EMW's are very good sounding microphones. I don't have them because of budgetary reasons, I really like the sound and have very good success in mounting them underneath clothing. Like Eric says I'd go for the shelved for standard use. I have the Sankens in my kit but I use the EMW's very often.
  8. I've been a longtime Lectro user. Once I had to use a G2 and I was thoroughly umimpressed with the audio quality. Last year I needed to buy a system but could not afford a Lectro so bought a lowest in the Micron series (EXP-FK16ASDR ) and I am very impressed with sound quality and the range. It cost me about GBP 1000/- along with a Sanken wired for its TX. In fact I am thinking buying their top of the line system when I have the money.
  9. Once I recorded a big Steel Pan orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago with a CMC 64, I thought I got a pretty decent sound. Since the whole ensemble was kind of large I decided to go with the caridiod capsule. If you can, add a figure of 8.
  10. I'd recommend the book, Sculpting in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky and of course his films too. If you can, see the documentaries of Emile de Antonio.
  11. The only thing is, my T powered 416 takes a little time to come on, with both, my 302 and my 442. But once its on, it is just fine.
  12. Jon, Pinknoise has them listed on their website.
  13. Audix SCX1/HC Microphone is another under $500 option.
  14. I had sent my Lectros for servicing to Rio Rancho and just got fixed. A friend of mine was in Arlington,VA on work and was retuning back soon and had agreed to carry them back for me. She was not in the office when the parcel reached. The person who received the parcel was a little freaked when he saw the Lectro tagline ’Made in the USA by a Bunch of Fanatics’on the outside of the parcel. He was not sure whether to accept the parcel or not. Anyway he did. But was still worried, and with a couple of others opened to see what was in it. When they opened and saw a it contained a couple of bl
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