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  1. I don't work on features and this caught my attention while recently watching Steve Jobs. Just curious how long have these RF sound techs been around? Cheers,
  2. Maybe so, Rado, it is very possible. I bought my first CS-3 almost 10 yrs. ago from our honorable administrator, Mr. Wexler, who took excellent care of the mic (or shall we thank Don C. for the TLC? :-), and it's still kicking ass. I have since purchased two more as back-ups, and also for stereo imaging. Furthermore, I heard the mic in action (on set) during the recruiting scene of Inglorious Basterds, with boom op extraordinaire Tom Hartig and Mark Ulano at the cart, and to me, the mic sounded amazing. Exterior, Berlin suburb noise, historical (and active) airport/flight museum near-by, you get the picture. Again, all exterior stuff. But now, more often than not, I find myself using it during interior scenes. In my opinion, great mic with excellent off-axis rejection, when compared to the competition. Perhaps the CMIT can do better? I don't own one but others can be the judge of that.
  3. From Phillip: "Later shotguns, like CS3e can work very well" From Cleve: "Yep Phillip...my life is sit down interview, and the CS3e works well." Same here! When certain interviews come up unexpectedly and I don't have my CMC5 handy, my CS-3 rocks!
  4. Just looks clunky for a ("controlled") interior interview. But that's just me.
  5. I recently worked on an episode of Panorama for the BBC, and I learned that last week's episode covered the first and only British interview with Ed Snowden in Moscow. The interesting boom stands/arms/hardware caught my attention, so here's a screen capture. Discuss... Here's the episode if you wish to watch it.
  6. In my opinion, none of the available bags for the 664 were designed with us in mind. What will work PERFECT, for me at least, would be a Petrol 601 with an extra 1-1/2" inch or 2" in length and a slightly wider opening on the right side of the bag. You might still have to unplug the Lemo T/C and Hirose 10-pin connector to access the card(s), but it would be a more streamlined bag, sturdy, and with the HANDLES that we all love!
  7. +1 on the Senator's suggestion. If your wallet/bank account/credit card is allowing you to "consider buying" a second CMIT, it's a Schoeps!
  8. @ Diego - I use Sony's 7506 with Beyerdynamic velour pads and they make all the difference in the Texas heat. Stay cool in Qatar! @ Malcolm - Beyerdynamic and Pearstone, from B&H in NY could be an option (or just grab the mfr part number). I'm sure they can ship directly to you, since it's not electronic equipment. If not, PM me and I can assist you with shipping. Cheers!
  9. Jason (or anyone reading this), I'm trying to build my own batt distro cables for the Battery Bud and I was curious what type of cable(s) did you use. I'm powering my 552 and Denecke GR-2 box. Thanks in advance,
  10. I'm getting ready to sell some of my gear and I would like to use this great resource, but I have never conducted a transaction before. I noticed that people post the price of the item(s), and I assume that final price and method of payment is discussed or negotiated via PM, e-mail, or even a phone call. What is the proper procedure to follow that most of you have used to complete a successful transaction? I feel that if I come to an agreement with an interested party in terms of price, he/she should submit payment via PayPal or check, wait until the payment clears, and I would expeditiously ship the equipment (insured, of course). Is this fair to expect? Thanks!
  11. I have a PSC boom as well. I'll try it out and report back...
  12. I see that seems to be the case for many here and that's not good for business. I wrote to him last night and he answered back today. I guess I was lucky.
  13. @ Martin - I've had a 12ft pole for couple of years and I have not experienced this issues, but you don't need to buy a new pole. You can order it here, or check with Don Wetzel at don@loonworks.com Best,
  14. Hi everyone, Just received this link from my Irish friend after we discussed the upcoming release of Timecode Buddy. Any of you know if this might be worth a try? It certainly looks simple and a bit cheaper than the TC Buddy. Just curious. Cheers,
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