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  1. Given that there is only one USB in the SD 664 recorder, I running an USB cable from the recorder to the CL-12. I would also like to connect the WM-Connect dongle. Is there a USB port in the back of the CL-12 to connect it? Cheers, M
  2. Hi there, I am planning to attach a CL-6 physically to a 664 recorder. Do I go the long screw route at both ends? Cheers, M
  3. I heard there are some folks out there who believe the Sound Devices 664 sounds better than the 688. Does anyone out there share this opinion? I'd love to hear some comments on this and some explanations as to why the 664 might sound "better". [I currently own a 633 and have spent a fair amount of time working with the 688 (which I love). I am planning on purchasing the 688 for the additional channels, ability to use the SL-6, Dugan/MixAssist, and to have EQ control with the CL-12. The 664 would give me only 1/4 of those features.]
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm new to using "Wingman" with my Sound Devices 664, and I'm experiencing some problems that even Sound Devices can't figure out, So I thought to turn to you and see if any of you have experienced some of these problems, and or, been able to fix them. I'm running version 4.01 on my 664 and loaded the Wingman app on my ipad mini and my iphone. With an approved Sandisc SD and CF cards in the machine, and the app up and running, I can put the 664 into record, but the app disconnects after about 2 sec. and the 664 will still be running in record. I have to manually stop the recorder. I can't re-start the app with out completely re-booting the app. I did a hard erase on both cards on my Mac, then re-formatted the cards in the 664...the same problem. Now it will work fine with just the SD card in the machine, but it won't work with the CF card only or the SD and CF card in together. I tried a different CF car all together, and the same problem. Before I send the whole system back to Sound Devices, I'd like to know if any of you have had the same problem, and if any of you have come up with a solution. Thanks!
  5. Is there a way to marry multiple takes into a single take (remove take markers) on the 664?
  6. Has anyone has serious issues with the LCD screen on their 664? I turned mine on a couple days ago and the screen was almost monochromatic. The color was intermittent, then red lines started to cover certain parts of the screen. The issues hasn't repeated it's self since then, but I'm sure it'll just give out while working on set if I don't get it fixed. Unfortunately, my mixer about 5 months OUTSIDE of the 2 year warranty and Sound Devices won't cover the cost of repair or the parts. I'm curious if anyone has had similar issues? Pictures are attached. Thanks! Damen
  7. Hey All, I'm looking for a solution to quickly dump a sound report from my 664 to my iPhone so I can email it off quickly at the end of my workdays. Research so far has led me to WiFi enabled SD cards, WiFi SD card readers and Lightning SD card readers. Currently I think my best potential solution is the WiFi enabled SD cards. It is smallest of the solutions. Most cards seem to have their proprietary apps you have to use to transfer files. Some, like the Eye Fi brand, only allow you to transfer photos and video from cameras. Toshiba Flash Air seems to allow all files to be transferred from their SD cards. Documentation on these products, their specs and transferring functions has not been the easiest to find. NOTE: I am well aware that these cards are not approved media- they would be used to quickly transfer a sound report from the CF to the WiFi SD then onto my iPhone. I am not looking to record successfully on said cards. So before I go blow some $$ on something that may not work, I thought I would ask you wonderfully helpful people here at JWSG: Has anyone had experience using this solution or these WiFi cards in a Sound Devices mixer for simply transferring files to their iPhone/mobile device? Does anyone have another solution that they successfully use to get sound reports to their mobile device in the field without lugging around a laptop? Thanks! Todd Steinhauer
  8. A few days ago my 664 decided to get grumpy with me (and I only show the lil bastard love). The 10 pin Output A sends audio at unbalanced levels to the camera. Channel 2 will send audio at about half the level of channel 1. This only happens for about 10-15 minutes though, then it pops back up without reason. Sometimes it will pop back down randomly too. I've already tried swapping out my snake and pig tail to the camera. I've also tried different cameras, so I've eliminated the possibility of it being other gear. Also, Output B works just fine. Nothing is visibly wrong, but I'm wondering if it's been damaged. I'm going to bring it in to the shop for a look-see, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before. Thanks in advance y'all
  9. I just took posession of a 664 and am a bit confused about the menu options. In the 442 and 552 that I use I have the option to calibrate the tone level (defaults to 0dBu for reasons unkown to me) AND the meter reference level (also defauts to 0dBu=0VU).I set all our mixers to tonelevel =+4dBu, meter reference level 0VU=+4dBu. With the 664 this seems impossible. The tech support person @‌ SD didn't really underrstand my concerns so I was wondering how to best deal with this. Recalibrate all out SD mixers to 0dBu = tone= 0VU? I know the output of the 552 is a max of +20dBu but we've never had any issues with the output limiters set to +17 dBu (honestly I thought they were kicking in at +17VU which would be +21dBu in our setup) Again, in my world -20dBFS = 0VU = +4dBu = 1.23Volts
  10. Does anyone here have any experience related to sending timecode wirelessly to a camera audio track and the workflow of using audio timecode in post? Timecode sync is essential for a upcoming production i will be working on and the style of Doc won't allow for TC slate or anything like that. Using the 664 I will be sending audio via 2 channel hop. I would like to attach a lockit box to ensure sync but there will be no TC I/O on the camera unless a extension is added. I'm pushing for the extension but if the budget won't allow it I, would the below set up work? 664 TC Lemo to TA5 female into the Lectro SMQV, then from the Lectro dual receiver to camera, To me this seems risky and it would be a massive headache, especially if in post if the TC can't be decoded for whatever reason. Also don't think pluraleyes will be an option as I read in this forum that it doesn't like multi channel audio files? Will be 8+ tracks poly wavs mostly. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!
  11. millar

    More 664 woes

    Hey all, So my 664 is acting up again. I am gettin corrupt files on the SD card that show up with zero bytes as the file size on the SD but on the CF there is a file with actual data in it. Recording multiple mono. Sometimes it is only one stem on the SD of the multiple mono file that is affected by the zero bytes issue. I thought that I had a bad card which went out of the rotation but the problem has persisted on multiple cards using approved media (Sandisk 64BG CF Extreme Pro 95MB/s). I am also noticing now that the date modified is different between the CF and SD cards (although the actual timecode is correct on files written to both CF and SD) with a difference of exactly 1 hour between them. The CF will have a date modified that is in line with the TOD TC but the SD is exactly one hour slow on the date modified from the TC written in the metadata. Anyone have any problems remotely close and found a solution? Millar
  12. SD_664_Ch5_NTG3_Noisy.wav I've just tried posting twice and both times somehow deleted all the text, so here's an ulltra brief run down of my issue: Channel 5 of my 664 is producing a weird noise, as heard in the attached sample. It is not cable or mic related as both have been switched out. It happens with both the 416 and Rode NTG3, and any cable. It is intermittent. I first heard it two days ago, about 4 hours into a corporate shoot- single boom, in channel 5. Noise would come and go. Usually immediately after buttoning on. I switched the cable out, the problem persisted, I switched 416 out to the NTG3 and the problem dissapeared. Next day I'm using the NTG3 on a short film thinking the 416 is cooked, 12 hours into a 13 hour day I hear the noise again. Switched to channel 6 for the last hour, with no problems. It's worth noting that on the second day, I had two radios on channel 1 and 2 respectively and boom (NTG3 on channel 5). Channel 1 and 2 do not contain this noise, only channel 5. Noise began immediately after buttoning on, lasted the whole take. I immediately switched to channel 6 after we cut, and stayed there for the remaining hour with no issues. Clip is attached. Noise exists on channel 5 from both shoot days, on both the CF and SD media. Anyone else heard this or experienced this before? If I send the machine back to Sound Devices, I could end up paying for 10 hours of labour time just so they can sit and wait for the problem to occur.
  13. Yes, as if we need yet another thread but given Nomad lite is essentially a 664 so far as inputs and track counts and most of the features. Thought we could do a rough comparison over which one might be for some people over another. I've attached some pictures for size comparisons. Zaxcom's Nomad Lite does have some nice features like NeverClip and their "soft knee compressor" vs. SD's hard limiter. Obviously the size is different. The weight of the Nomad is 3.8 pounds without batteries vs. 4 pounds 12 ounces on the 664. Sound Devices has a good history of reliable machines and easy to use menu structures. Nomad changes the game with the way the unit mixes (eg. 1 gain, 6 faders) but is it something people can make a switch to - yes, people have - but is it a new "standard" when everyone wants more channels and less size?
  14. I'm going to be on a show for almost 6 months, alternating travel and shoot days, with flights every week. I was curious what packing solutions are out there. Currently for small travel shows I have a lowepro dslr backpack which I find sufficient for mics, transmitters, cables, tapes etc. and a pelican 1510 for my 552 mixer ( but the 664 is just too big to put it in sideways, which i have now) and a long case for boom and stand. Usually I strip my mixer for travel and always carry-on, but I want to limit the amount of tear downs I have to do.
  15. Hi again here are a few other items we have in development for our bag line. Please keep in mind that these are still working prototypes and we are still fine tuning and making changes. Please feel free to give any feed back you may have to help us improve our products to make you life better. Below are images of our OR-35 Rain cover and our OR-36 travel cover which ws designed to keep rain, snow, dust and dirt off your bag and gear when you are on traveling. Thanks
  16. Hi all, I'm the new owner of the 664 after twelve years using an SQN4S and everything seems better on the new mixer but am having difficulty: adjusting to using VU instead of PPM. It feels as though when recording any voice with a bit of dynamic range, then to keep the limiters from being on all the time, my average vu level is rather low. Not much above zero in fact, but my hazy recollection of sound theory tells me that the 1ppm is 4db so surely 8VU is the limit? Or have I got that wrong? And if so, why do the limiters cut in so much higher than that, at 18db? In short, I suppose my question is: for a good level, should I be keeping my VU levels in the orange part of the meter and let the limiters handle the peaks? Any advice gratefully received. All the best Simon Forbes England
  17. Hey Guys! Need advice again! I got asked to do a 2-day reality gig that will be a pretty big setup. Here are the specs: Equipment: CAMERAS: Canon 5Ds Sony FS700s SOUND: SD 664 CL6 8x Lectro UCR411a 8x Lectro UM400 8x COS11 2x Senny G3s (backup wireless) Senny MKH60 4+ Røde Mics BDS & NP1s There are 2 main setups that I was concerned about: SETUP 1: 4 people in 4 different cars driving at undeterminable distances from eachother. 1-2 cameras in each car. Interviews being conducted in each car. QUESTION: Since I obviously cannot be in 4 places at once, and I don't know where the cars will be in relation to each other (I will be in one of the cars) I don't want to rely on the wireless for the primary sound. My solution: Røde mics on each 5D? I know they are not the best quality audio wise, but I don't see any way around it. SETUP 2: 4-8 people in a restaurant for a taste testing scenario. Multiple cameras. I will wire up everyone, but I also wanted to have a boom going for ambience. I won't be able to get it in the shot. ----- The production wanted all ISOs, which is fine, because I have 12 tracks to work with with the CL6. In standard reality (in all your guys experience), does post want a 2-mix primarily or ISOs? I am not the most experienced mixing on the fly, so I would prefer ISOs as well. Just wanted to know how the real people do it. This question may seem dumb, but hey, how do you keep track of 8 people simultaneously?! Keeping consitent levels without auto mix? Wires. To hide or not to hide? Not having to hide the lavs would speed up the production two-fold, and I wouldn't have to worry about clothing shenanigans. Do most reality productions care if the lav is hidden? Should I just ask if they care? Power. How long do you think I will be able to run my bag off of 1 IDX NP-L7S (14.8V/71Wh Lithium Ion)? I am powering 8 UCR411s and my SD 664. I will probably be rolling all day, and I have 4 batts to work with. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated! I have never worked with this many simultaneous tracks before so please let me know the best way to stay on top of everything. -Ryan
  18. I have been using AES outputs quite a bit with 664 and mostly XDCAM 700/800's and pix 240. I have been using a regular analog 15 foot snake with good luck. However, anytime I lengthen the snake I start running into problems. Obviously the impedance of the analog cables/connectors is not ideal. -Has anyone made or sourced 110ohm snakes for distro? -Anyone running Transformers and coax for distro? What are your thoughts? -What does SD recommend for AES cabling and Distro for 25-50foot lengths?
  19. Firmware 2.01 is now available for the 664: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/664-firmware/full-detail/ Please update your 664s as soon as possible.
  20. New products available from Portabrace. 664, Maxx, 788, ZH6 and more. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=8112b337-405a-421b-b6d7-131ec291c27a&c=0a229a40-5145-11e3-a0ef-d4ae527599c4&ch=0a2a1450-5145-11e3-a0ef-d4ae527599c4
  21. New Sound Devices 664 Firmware (v2.00) is now available!! Changes include: *Added new Input Mode menu allowing ability to switch a 664 without a CL-6 connected from standard 6-channel / 10-track mode to expanded 12-channel / 16 track mode. *Added new Meter Views menu in the System Menu. Provides 3 user-configurable Meter Views, Meter View 1, Meter View 2, and Meter View 3. Meter Views are toggled by pressing the Meter button. *Ability to turn off individual Meter Views so that user can choose whether to display 1, 2, or 3 Meter Views. *Added LR (Wide) Meter View options for easier to read mix tracks. *Added new PFL Mode menu allowing ability to switch PFLs between Pre-Fade or Follow ISO Pre/Post-Fade routing. See a video about the update here: http://tinyurl.com/nsrwqm6 You can download the update here: http://tinyurl.com/pyv5plo Anyone had the update yet? What do you think?
  22. Firmware 1.04 is available for the 664. Changes introduced in 1.04 include: New Digital Input Gain. Provides up to 50dB gain for AES42 or AES3 sources. Peak Only Meter option. Meter Peak Hold Time Off option. Fixes Metering freeze. Meters would stop moving and eventually result in a subsequent lockup. Faster formatting on SD cards. Improved performance for SD cards up to 32 GB in size. (Note: improved performance for cards 64 GB and larger will be addressed in a future firmware release). Lockup fix when rapidly connecting and disconnecting USB keyboards. Lockup fix on boot up with 44.1kHz sampling rate and Tracks L and R not armed. Lock up fix that occurring with tone and 44.1K sampling rates. AES signals measuring 3-4 dB high on L, R, X1, and X2 tracks.
  23. Fine people of the internet I pose this scenario to you: I own a MOTU Traveler MK1, not MK3. It claims it will "resolve" to SMPTE via any audio input and send out SMPTE via any output. The software it ships with, the MOTU Firewire SMPTE console, controls all of the SMPTE options as you'd imagine. The frame rate selection does not include 23.98 fps but only 24, 25, 29.97 DF/NDF or 30 DF/NDF. Digital Performer 5 also has this same limitation as does my older version of Nuendo. I also own a 664. I have jammed the Traveler from my 664 at 23.98 fps and it seems to hold sync for an hour or so in my brief test when the Traveler is set for true 24 fps SMPTE. I have yet to try to jam the 664 from the Traveler to confirm that is stays 23.98 out of the MOTU but that is my main question. I know this is not technically correct. I was curious if, despite the settings, that the MOTU actually just accepts the incoming external TC as is and outputs TC according to the source or if it forces a true 24fps flag on the stream. Basically I'm wondering what actually occurs when one device jams another with TC. Is it the source that sets the stream or the receiving end that confirms/interprets the stream or both. Any insight would be really helpful. I've searched Google and this site (via Google) and have not found the specific answer to my question. Thanks!
  24. Has anyone used a Sanken CS1 with a Sound Devices 664 and found any problems? I have found that my Sanken CS1 does not work with with some mixers. It is fine with my Sound Devices 442. But when I have plugged it in to a MixPre or a 552, I have barely been able to hear sounds in the room through the mic, while on the other hand hissing is very loud, far above normal electronic hissing levels. Same problem when plugging it into an early version Nomad, but I'm not sure what version. When having this problem. I have made sure I have phantom power on at 48v. Also, I am not talking about the "heart-thumping" problem that occurs with this mic if the low-cut knob is turned completely off -- that's a different problem (though perhaps it's related). Switching the CS1 for a Sennheiser 416 and making no other adjustment, the problem has gone away and the 416 sounds fine. I'm on the verge of purchasing a 664 and want to check in to this. Thanks. -Ben
  25. Hey all, I've had sound devices stuff for years. I just tried to update to 1.05 and now my 664 won't boot. When I try, a yellow light just comes on the top right. While verifying, it went 100%. While applying update, it went to 98% and quit, trying 3 additional times. It had a dialog that said it failed and to press okay. I did, and now its dead. Won't boot. I've tried leaving the batteries out for a while, still nothing. ??
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