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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to get a scratch track into the Arri Alexa. It has a 5 pin xlr connector and I thought it would be as simple as getting a 5 pin to 3 pin adapter and then plugging in a mic. However, I was told because it is a line level input that it is more complicated than that? This is what the manual says "2-channel analog line-level audio can be fed to the camera via the 5-pin XLR connector located at the front of the camera on the camera-right side." I'm not an audio guy, so I'm not sure what is needed, but all I want is a reference track in the footage even if it's not the greate
  2. Interference between different radio frequencies can be a time-consuming issue for camera crews. The ARRI Wireless Video System eliminates this issue because it works harmoniously with ALEXA SXT W’s other radio-based offerings: the WiFi and the ECS, ARRI’s proprietary camera and lens control system. Since ARRI now fulfills all wireless requirements, crews can be sure there won’t be any problems on set. The high-quality video feeds from the ALEXA SXT W and stand-alone transmitters are long-range, uncompressed, and encrypted for safety. Audio, timecode, and REC flag are included in the zero-dela
  3. ARRI Rental proudly introduces the ALEXA 65 system, available exclusively through its global network of rental facilities. Offering a complete large-format solution for high-end theatrical motion pictures, the system comprises a 65 mm digital cinema camera, custom-designed prime and zoom lenses, and fast, efficient workflow tools. The ALEXA 65 camera is a scaled-up version of an ALEXA XT, able to capture an uncompressed ARRIRAW 65 mm image of staggering intensity and definition. http://arrirentalgroup.com/alexa65
  4. I thought since I have taken so much from this forum I should give something back. My ERX2TCD would not jam an Alexa the other day with a custom lemo/5pin xlr split cable I made. The problem turned out to be not enough voltage coming from the ERX2TCD's default timecode output voltage of .062. This was enough voltage to pass the test of jamming my 664, but not enough for the camera. Here's the fix: enter the extended menu by powering down the receiver and power up while holding the menu button, scroll though the options by pressing the menu button until you get to the "TC Output Level" menu. Us
  5. Hey all, Getting into timecode and worried about whether I'm totally #$@%i@ things up or not. Followed and what a few mixers have told me (and searching on JW a bit) have told me that I could jam from the recorder to the camera and that it should be fine. Without a lockit box. However, the Alexa manual is kind of brief and doesn't mention this particular activity of the timecode. What I want to know is what the blinking Alexa TC means. After I jam from the recorder it (it being the TC numbers/digits) stays solid for awhile, but then goes back to blinking again. This rec
  6. Guest

    Breakout cables and adapters

    Hi everyone, sorry if this came up before as searching didn't come up with much. Anyone have any experience in making breakout cables for the 788T with Return and Timecode over a 10-Pin Hirose cable, in order to connect to an Alexa? Unfortunately I do not own a mixer so have to improvise. I know I can buy them, but I would like to make them myself considering they can get damaged pretty easily and thought maybe someone has the diagram of some sort I can use as reference, since I have no idea how things work on the Alexa end and cant seem to find the diagram for its pins. Thank y
  7. Referenced in another thread in the Camera section, I am posting a pic of a DIY cable for the Arri Alexa. This is an inexpensive solution to buying a factory cable to add a wireless scratch track audio signal. You will need a 5 pin male straight connector, a 3.5mm male connector with cable, epoxy, soldering tools, a cutoff tool (Dremel, or hacksaw), and a few minutes time. I had helped make a set of these on another feature with Bud Raymond and on this particular movie, my bad-ass sound mixer, Todd Weaver and I whipped these up in record time on set one day when it was discovered that t
  8. Hi Guys, I have been filming with the Alexa and using a double system of recording on my 788 and sending a stereo hop with my zaxcom, however I'm considering simplifying by sending a mono guide track with a G3 rather than the bulkier zaxcom. Has anyone got a good system for this? many thanks
  9. After searching all the Alexa threads here and reading the manual I have a quick question which remains unanswered. Does the Alexa record the audio inputs when it's frame rate is increased for slow-mo shots? I seem to remember a reference to the audio being 'blocked' (not recorded) when this happens but cannot find anything about it. Thanks.
  10. Hello Not a scientific test but just to get some notions of the fan noise of different cameras. Test performed with the F65, Epic, Alexa (ProRes mode) and Aaton Delta The sound level meter was set to 30cm of the film plane pointed to the lens. The acousitic minimum of the setting (sound level meter and room) was at 27.7 dB. (there fore not very scientific). There was mainly two camera position mesured : - front toward the optic - and we turned the camera 90 degrees to get the mesurement of the side of the camera (where the wents are often located). It's written in french,
  11. Hey Guys, Back again for some insight. Starting my 3rd feature and we are going to be using the Alexa along with my 788t and an Ambient radio slate with one receiver. We will not be using lockits, so my plan is to have the ambient receiver on the camera and jam the slate from my 788t as much as possible. What mode is the best to work in? If we go with free run or 24 hour run, could i keep the wireless receiver off and just instruct the AC to flip it on for jamming purposes? Should we do a rec run setup? I know the camera guys wont be thrilled about me controlling camera record fu
  12. Hi, might lend myself a small gig that involves shooting with the Alexa. From what I heard from many, it is a double-system workflow shooting with it. Since the budget does not justify in investing myself with a Nomad, I'm just wondering if the Fostex FR2 with Timecode option will be able to work with Alexa, timecode compatiability wise. Much advise is needed. Thanks a lot!
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