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Found 8 results

  1. Just a service note for those still working with an R4 pro. KingSpec PATA IDE 44 Pin 2.5" SSD drives are fully compatible both physically and electronically. They offer various capacities. I installed the 128 GB and R4 pro booted without difficulty. Those contemplating working with the r4 PRO and the Remote Audio's BDS need to be aware that the r4 PRO does not have positive/negative ground protection on the 4 pin external power socket. This means that if you attach the wrong device, i.e. a radio mic with the wrong ground polarity, you will fry the power input on the r4 pro. Roland does not do ANY component level repairs for this unit. So this mistake will cost $250 for a new main board.
  2. I have seemed to run into an issue. I have a BDS4 which I have 2 srbs and 1 Lr, and my 664 plugged in. My power seems to cut out at times and I suspect it is my LR. I have double checked the connections and everything seems fine. But I haven’t really had the LR plugged in until recently and that’s when I started to have problems.
  3. First outing yesterday for my little remote switch and battery distribution system that I cobbled together from bits I've had lying around for a year or two. The remote switch and voltage display clips neatly into a Petrol pouch and the wiring runs into the bag to my Tracer LiPo 10Ah battery and a simple, fused four-way Hirose distribution box. (I found the blue Deltron box on Ebay as part of a set of five for £10 - I'm keeping a couple of the others, but in anyone in the UK wants one or both of the remaining two for a couple of quid, let me know.) Battery input to the remote switch is via a 4 pin XLR and from the switch to the distribution box, a locking DC barrel connector. The main switch is on the side of the box and is recessed when in the on position, so it can't be accidentally knocked, and the voltage display is checked via a momentary switch. I'm going to add a strip of ND to the side of the box with voltage display, just to make it look a bit neater as the box got a bit beaten up when I was making the rectangular cut-out, which was the most difficult part, even with a Dremel. The whole thing works very nicely and the battery gives me over six hours powering a 744T and my Soundfield ST450. A very satisfying little project that kept me occupied during a week of theatre producer nonsense. All the best, John
  4. I was going through some old boxes in the storage loft (you wouldn't believe all the stuff up there) and found all of the versions of the BDS dating as far back as 1995, when the name "BDS" was first used with Remote Audio's first product. So, I mounted them alongside the current version for a "family tree" photo. Another bit of historical trivia: "BDS" has always been the trademark of this Remote Audio product, even though it's flattering that people use the name like Jello.
  5. This is my new attempt to kill two birds with one stone: add a voltmeter and 5v USB output to my bag. Problem #1. I use a Hawkwoods DV-SQN4S battery distro in my bag. I power my gear (Maxx, 2x411a) from the switchable, regulated 12v outputs. For my meager power needs, I can usually get through a day with a single set of batteries. HOWEVER it would be reassuring to have some insight into remaining battery life. Problem #2. The most frequent power issue I run into is.... my iPhone. Rarely makes it through the day if I've used it for navigation to get to the shoot and if I'm using MovieSlate for sound reports. There are some nice looking hirose-to-usb options out there (http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=128), but I was hoping for a cheaper option. After a few minutes of poking around on Amazon I found this gizmo:http://www.amazon.com/DROK-Converter-Regulator-4-5-40V-Voltmeter/dp/B00IWOPS8K I wired the gizmo to the UNregulated output of the distro, and voila! USB power for my phone and a nice readout of remaining battery life at a glance. The next step will be enclosing the unit, and adding panel mount male hirose connector. Currently it is hard-wired to distro only for testing purposes. ANYWAYS not bad for $10!
  6. So I just bought this for $125. The model is IDX JL-2 PLus but it's gray for some reason. Does anyone know if this will charge IDX NP-L7S?
  7. I recently purchased a Remote Audio BDSv4u kit from B and H online (view product here) and I have been having some problems getting it to power up. It is wired in to 2 Lectrosonics 411a receivers and a Sound Devices 552 with remote audio cables (that were included in the kit) and powered from a Globalmediapro NP1 batteries with a remote audio NP1 cup adapter. The problem I have is when I use a freshly charged battery and turn on the BDSv4u the switch briefly flashes red and does not power up. If I use a non-fully charged battery however the problem doesn't seem to occur. I've found that if I power up the 552 from internal power then switch on the BDSv4u and then flip the 552 from internal to external power it stays on, so it seems to be an issue with powering up from the 552 causing a surge that causes the BDSv4u to cut out. This seems to mostly occur when I power up the BDSv4u with only the 552 switched on (to ext power). I can sometimes get it to work with a fully charged battery when I have the 411a's on but not always. But I don't always want the 411a receivers on even though I always have them wired in to the bag. I recorded a short demo video which shows everything I've explained to help you better diagnose the problem which you can watch here https://vimeo.com/48428016. Anyone have an idea as to what might be happening? Faulty perhaps? I've tried contacting Remote Audio on their info email to no avail. Anyone know a better way to contact them? Phone not a good option due to time difference between Australia and the States. I haven't contacted B & H for a replacement yet because I'd rather diagnose the issue before sending it back and being without a BDS for 3 weeks when the next one might do the same thing. Thanks in advance...
  8. I recently switched to a Remote Audio BDS system with an NP1 battery. My Tascam HDP2 has a power reading option in the menu, and it reads 16.85V at first use of the day. The display rolls and blurs. This doesn't occur on AA batteries. Is this normal? Coming from a computer hardware background, this sounds very high. Thanks!
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