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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I think it's a good idea to have one place for all news coming from NAB, including live streaming links, interesting products outside from production sound world etc. Looking forward to see what NAB has to show us this year. There will the famous party, right? Thank you, Vasileios
  2. Hi, If there such a topic exist for NAB 2023 news, please delete it. Otherwise, we can post any new products from NAB regarding production sound (or not). 🙏
  3. A friend of mine is part of The Museum of Broadcast Technology, a large building in Rhode Island with two floors of audio and video equipment. He'll be at NAB with at least a couple of large pedestal cameras and who knows what else. It's in the main lobby of North Hall, right at the Taxi pickup area. Worth looking at. And if you do please say hi to Paul Beck, one of my best buds from college (he went into video; I stayed with audio). You might also see Tom Sprague or Peter Fasciano; they're also good people and Boston-based engineers. When I first walked into the museum, before it was open and the equipment was just sitting there, I told a friend "This is my whole career -- almost everything I'd ever worked with from the late 60s through mid 80s -- in one place!" The museum's website hasn't been updated lately, but they've posted a video sample tour of just one of the pieces in their collection. The sample is about one particular VTR... but they also have audio stuff. And here's a couple of snapshots from their pre-opening. They're rebuilding almost everything, and a lot of the gear now looks and acts brand-new.
  4. Howdy sound folks. I've learned a lot here over the years, but haven't posted that often. I met Mr. Wexler this year and had a nice talk about his Dad and how he got into audio. Also had a good chat with Jose Frias, and he was nice enough to go on camera for me, thanks again Jose. I've started a blog and shot quite a bit of video at this year's show. Please have a look, and if you like it, think about subscribing. Thanks! https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/nab-2017-samson/https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/nab-2017-samson/ https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/nab-2017-audio-technica/ https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/27/nab-2017-zaxcom/ https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/nab-2017-orca-bags/ https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/nab-2017-sound-devices/ https://kellyonatangent.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/nab-2017-audio-ltd/
  5. I was wondering if there is going to be an audio pit this year at NAB? I'm going back again after a few years and would not want to miss it.
  6. Mozegear at NAB - What’s NEW Please come by and see us at NAB. Our stand is C8949 which is just one row over from last year. We are going to be showing our new line of products including our newest product, the 2XG, which stands for 2 channel extra gain. It is a 2 channel Gain Booster that is designed to be used with wireless receivers and the line level inputs on your mixer. The 2XG will be shipping after NAB. The price is $399. Our second new product, the PIP, is a very small phantom power module. It will start shipping in about 7 weeks. Our last product, the Mini Papi, is a mini pre-amp with phantom power that for any use since it so small. You can read more about the 2XG, PIP, and Mini Papi at www.mozegear.com. Most importantly, please come visit us at NAB!!!
  7. Make sure you come see us tomorrow morning at NAB. Steve Tibbo will be going us for a "meet and greet" at 10:30 and then at 11:30 he will be doing the drawing for a free Q series timecode generator or our new 2XG. (your choice). Make sure you don't miss it!!!
  8. What's new at Mozegear? Introducing the Pip and the Papi Phantom Power in a whole new way! The Pip Tiny Phantom Power Module The Pip will available towards the end of June. It will retail for $199 The Papi Pre-Amp with Phantom Power The Papi will be available around the end of August-beginning of September It will retail for $469 For more information, go to www.mozegear.com
  9. https://zoom.us/j/817979726
  10. For those of you heading to NAB next week, please use this interactive map to locate us in the Central hall (it will be hard to miss us...) booth C1720. http://www.mapyourshow.com/shows/index.cfm?Show_ID=nab13&exhid=100379&booth=C1720&hall=B If you still haven't registered but are considering it, just go here and use code LV4213 for a free exhibits pass: http://registration3.experientevent.com/ShowNAB131/Default.aspx We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!
  11. I’m on a stunts day so I have a chance to write between the explosions. Seems that NAB didn’t bring any announcements of new gear from Lectro. That got me thinking about my wish list of improvements to radio mic systems - regardless of manufacturer. When I started in this industry 30 years ago I used Micron VHF radio mics which were fixed frequency. Later models had three switchable frequencies. I became used to what we now call frequency agile wireless about fifteen years ago with the Audio Ltd 2020, later the 2040 range and now use Lectro. A lot of the equipment we use is tuneable over perhaps 30mHz but Wisycom now have a tuning range of 230mHz and new to the market Audio Wireless have a 120mHz tuning range. With multi camera we now use far more wireless and at crowded studio complexes or big events we cannot always stick to the blocks that we have in our kit so that we have to rent in alternative equipment – inconvenient and we loose the rental on the kit we own. I assume that what Wisycom and Audio Wireless have started will be picked up by other manufacturers. In particular, now that Lectro have tracking receiver modules and wide band Venue and Field frames, it seems to me that the next step is freeing receiver modules from individual blocks and like Wisycom designing wide band receivers and a similar tuning range on transmitters. I am not suggesting that this will be anything but a challenge for the RF engineers but for me, the user, a system that would tune from 520 to 640mHz (Audio Wireless tuning range) or even better from 470 to 700mHz (Wisycom tuning range) would be a really significant improvement. The Sound Devices Pix 260 has a Dante connection that inputs 24 channels of 24 bit audio via a single Cat 5 cable with minimal latency. I have no doubt that Dante - already adopted by many audio manufacturers http://www.audinate.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=343 - will be incorporated into new recorders from other manufacturers. As the track count increases, a system such as Dante frees up a lot of socket real estate on both the recorder and potentially the wireless receiver. So imagine a bigger receiver rack such as the Venue with Dante – Lectro have already made their own Dante boards and break out for the for their Aspen system - perhaps with space for 12 wide tuning range VRT receivers in a deeper 1U enclosure - able to tune across different blocks with one set of receiver modules and a single Cat5 connection to the recorder. That would be space saving both on the receiver and the recorder and money saving because you wouldn’t have to rent in alternative blocks if some or all of the kit you own is not usable in a particular location. It will come at a price just as VRT is more expensive than VRS but the versatility and convenience as well as the cost saving on rental would make it a very good incentive to upgrade. Is anyone like minded? Tim
  12. Hi guys I was going to NAB this year, but got a big job and had to cancel. I have a booking at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas from the 5 to the 10 of april. I did the booking long ago and got it for almost half price. The total is $348 for all 5 days. I was going to cancel it but i thought if someone wants it I can pass it on and you get the saving. Let me know Diego http://www.booking.com/hotel/us/stratosphere-casino.en-gb.html?sid=0eda7e7b6a067c916d654f7dbbf6e7bd;dcid=2
  13. You want to come to NAB and haven't got a ticket, yet? Be our guest! NAB 2013 8th- 11th of April Las Vegas, Convention Center Booth # C2059 & C3027 Visit us on America's biggest broadcast show. For the first time Ambient Recording will be represented twice at NAB. So you can meet us of course at our own booth all new and repositioned at C2059 and at the beautiful booth of our recently installed US distributor Redding Audio at C3027. Meet us, talk about our gear, experience, nerd stuff, suggestions or just chat about the weather. At NAB you can expect nothing less than one world premiere, anticipated and well known products as well as some custom made gear. We look forward to welcome you! Just write an email to timo@ambient.de P.S. only 14 left... first come, first serve!
  14. To the Crew: It's hard to believe another NAB is coming up already but here we are. Kathy Baca at Lectro reserved the Satay patio last year right after NAB 2012. We are just starting to confirm the 2013 "admission" price with the Satay Grille and hopefully we can stay close to last year's $20+tax+ gratuity. I think it came out to $24.50 or something close. There will be the same cash bar that has worked well in the past. Satay will collect the "admission" at the door and attach arm bands to the participants. Lectro will do the same as the last few years as far as the fabulous retro Lectro sound system, badges, raffle slips, etc. Speaking of the sound system, I think it is now collecting social security. Let me emphasize, this is not a Lectro "thing". We just want to help out, do what we can do that is easy for us and have fun at the get together. Suggestions, volunteers or any other person or company that wants to join in is/are welcome. For those of you who have missed the gathering in the past or are there for the first time, the food is buffet style but very good, there are tasty vegetarian selections, the company is excellent, the noise level is a little high because everybody (60+) is talking at once and the great raffle prizes are worth more than the total price of admission. It is the best return for $25 you'll get in Vegas. So that Satay will invite us again, we all work to keep Jeff W. under control and from dancing on the tables. Jim Feeley has graciously once again created a sign up sheet at: http://bit.ly/yHt6G9 This helps us plan on the number of people. Finally, the "Secret Word" for the sign up sheet, as dropped down by the "Duck", is Kudelski. Best, Larry F Lectro
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