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Sound Guys Solutions - New Products/Updates!

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On behalf of Sound Guys Solutions, I want to thank everyone that has been giving their opinions on our products as well as suggestions. As we have said before, we do not take any suggestions lightly!

Lav-Bullet Updates

Last year, we discovered that some people were having issues with the TA Style adapters that connected to the Lav-Bullet. If dropped, it had the potential of breaking across the threads, as well as denting the outer shell. We developed a workaround, and are now including an aluminum insert with every LB-LECTRO adapter that will greatly increase the strength of the adapter.

But we didn’t stop there. We have since gone back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the Lav-Bullet. The new bullet, works specifically with TA Style lavalieres because the TA Connector is now part of the bullet! This is a bullet that we can literally call “bullet proof”. We have thrown the new bullet off buildings, ran it over with a car, and even fired a REAL handgun at the product without denting of the product! Stay tuned for the video (of course we filmed it!)

We are still going to continue selling the original Lav-Bullets that work with all of our adapters, only under the new item name “BLANK Lav-Bullet”. If you purchase these bullets, you will need to purchase an adapter separately that works for their needs.


Introducing the Lav-Strap

We are pleased to introduce a new product, called the Lav-Strap. It is a new and sleek way to strap a lavalier on talent while minimizing the visible factor that is imminent with competitor versions. It is thinner than competitor products, and does not use velcro that may get caught on wardrobe causing tears. Instead, it uses a swimsuit bra hook to keep the profile small and next to invisible even under the thinnest shirts.

It also allows mixers to choose how they want to adhere the lavalier inside of the strap. It has 3 sections for mounting lavaliers: A smaller sized pocket for sub-miniature lavalieres like the B6 and MKE1 and COS-11D, a medium sized pocket for lavaliers like the MKE-2 and DPA 4060 Lineup, and a larger pocket in order to use accessories like the RM-11 as well!

The Lav-Strap comes in three sizes (S,M,L) in both black and beige colors. They are sold in a three pack, so you don't need to purchase each size separately. In terms of sizing, you only need to know what the size of an actor’s shirt to correctly match the size needed for the Lav-Strap!

Try them one time and you won’t go back!






MD-6 Battery Distribution Box

The MD-6 is a completely new design for DC distribution in an ENG mixing bag. Its vertical form factor makes it easier to access each plug separately without the need to pull the module out of the bag to disconnect a DC cable. It also has a built-in low battery indicator that automatically turns from green to red when the voltage of your battery gets to 13 volts.

We are having a promotion from now until the end of August. Any customer that purchases an MD-6 will receive a free MD-6 cup adapter with your purchase.


Lav-Rod QD (Quick Disconnect)

People have been asking for a Lav-Rod that has the ability to break down into two smaller sections for portability and storage. Because of this, we are introducing a new version of the Lav-Rod, called the Lav-Rod QD. The original Lav-Rod will still be available without the quick disconnect.

This version of the Lav-Rod incorporates an aluminum threaded adapter in the center of the rod that allows it to be connected and disconnected when needed.

We will also be allowing people to update their original Lav-Rod if they have purchased it prior to the new QD being released. Stay tuned for exact info on this process. The customer will have to ship their original Lav-Rod to us for this modification. This will be an available upgrade for this service. Sound Guys Solutions will pay ground shipping back to customer.

Shipping for the Lav-Rod QD starts June 25th.

and finally,

Sound Guys Solutions is on Facebook!

We have recently created a Facebook page for our business. We encourage everyone to go to our page and LIKE our company to receive up to date information. Please spread the word about this page!


Once again, thank you for continuing to help us get our products out there. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

Sound Guys Solutions

Thomas Popp




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When doing a search for "Lav-Strap" on Google, this comes up as the #2 hit...


Haha. I think this is a great PR move by SGS. Take all the web traffic from 'romance enhancement' sites and offer a similarly designed product at a competitive price point. You'll have dozens of hookers trying to figure out how the damn thing works. Genius!

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I was able to get ahold of a pack of these and use them on my current show and decided to share my thoughts. The text is below, or follow the link at http://texassoundguy.blogspot.com/2012/06/product-review-lav-strap.html

I'm trying out a new product called the Lav-Strap from Sound Guys LLC. It's designed to be the most low-profile, versatile mounting system to accommodate a variety of wardrobe types. On my current show, our main character, Nev Schulman, frequently wears thin t-shirts and has an impressive man-rug. It was challenging at first. I started mounting my Sankens at the neckline of the t-shirt, but that always picks up the vocal chords more than anything else. Most of his t-shirts are too thin to mount on the shirt without looking like shit. He does have a necklace that we tried a few times to mount on, but the pendant seemed to get loose from chain and sounded like a zipper sometimes. So when I saw the Lav-Strap I knew it would be perfect for my needs. I was aware of the MicBra by Garfield, but I've never used it. On paper, it seems like it could be a little too bulky where the velcro straps on in the back. If Nev bends over and we see his back, that's something that could become exposed. I'm sure that the MicBra works well, but I feel more comfortable with the low profile Lav-Strap.

The Lav-Strap has 3 different options for mounting a mic on it. You can insert your COS-11 inside a tight pocket, use an RM-11, or another sort of mid-sized pocket for other mounts. It's made from a soft elastic material and comes in three different sizes. We started with the Large and ended up using the Medium for a better fit. It fastens using a bikini top type of fastener, and it usually ends of being on the person's side, not their back. It would be nice if was somewhat adjustable, but I think those components would add to the bulk. 

All in all this is a well made product, just like the Lav-Bullet. I love it, the talent loves it, and the sound is great, so I'm sold. 

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I bought a lav bullet some time ago and like you mentionned the adaptor is not solid anymore.. I liked the product but was a little disapointed that it didn t hold well. It got close to being lost because of that. Now it sits back rather than being on the field with me. What s your policy about the broken units?

I think your referring to the boot on Rean connector? If so there is a simple fix in the video found here:

If for any reason you are unable to make these updates (missing parts) please just let us know. (sales@sound-guys.com) Our overall policy is for everyone to be satisfied with all of our products and know that we stand behind them.

Tom -

Thanks for supporting our new products! Our post here on JW was only a day after dealers were informed of our new products. So the lead time should be minimal.

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