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Where are you tomorrow? (Sandy on the East Coast)

Joshua Anderson

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Hi all,

Just curious where you're supposed to be tomorrow (Monday, 10/29/12) as Sandy makes its way up the East Coast.

And if you already worked through the weather or had your show adjust for it, please share as well.

Gov Cuomo just announced that the transit system will be suspended as of 7pm tonight in preparation.

I'm supposed to be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY tomorrow at 7am in a church...


If you are in NY, check your evacuation zone (no evacuations ordered yet) at nyc.gov

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Luckily I only have an editing gig going on until the 1st, so I'll be inside my apartment. I didn't lose electricity during Irene and I'm hoping the same for Sandy.

If your gig is still a go, I'd assume car service and cabs are still an option, production should hopefully be OK with paying transpo under these circumstances.

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We (Winter's Tale) cancelled on Fri... Mainly because we were supposed to be shooting on a wooden ship in the NY harbor Mon and Tue and didn't have a cover set ready to go yet. I'm sure we would have cancelled either way, given what we know now.

Day 3 of 54, so I'm sure we'll make it up somewhere.

Best to everyone.

I'll be glad to be with my family.

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