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Hey guys,

I got this job offer today and just had to share. Needless to say....good luck finding all that gear for that rate, by Tuesday. The gear requirements hardly make sence, ex: switchable IFBs to listen to all 5 lavs in iso. I may as well give em a 411 in group mode! Here's the email I received:

You available to do audio for a reality show?

Starts Tuesday and goes til end of month. Will be about 15 days of shooting.

Pays $550 with gear.

Gear list (or comparable):

· 5 ea. Lavalier Wireless Mic (Lectrosonics SMV super-Minature Blck 22)

· 5 ea. Wireless transmitters and receivers

· 1 ea. Boom (complete)

· 2 ea. Shot gun mic’s for Panasonic 900 camera’s

· 1 ea. Mixer must be able to mix 5 wireless Mic’s (Isolated) and one Boom. (Sound Devices 552 Portable 5’CH

· 1 ea. Recorder (Sound Devices 788T SSD 8-CH

· 2 ea. IFB’s (must be able to switch channels to listen to each character isolated)

· 2 ea. Earbuds for IFB’s

· 2 ea. IFB transmitter and Receivers (lectrosonics UM400A Blck 22)

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I saw that as well and it has since been pulled.  The specs make no sense.  5 lav mics (SMV's) and then 5 wireless transmitters and receivers?  And they have to be block 22?  and the 788 HAS to have a solid state drive?  Not to mention the ridiculous IFB requirements and especially the incredibly low rate.  Love it when they try to show how much they know about sound gear.

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They want everything in block 22 and they all have to be SMV? I would think that even those of us that have the number of wireless required available would have different blocks to have more bandwidth to find clean RF, and different types of transmitters to accommodate different situations. Why would production even care what blocks sound uses so long as the audio is clean?   I think they will struggle to find someone with that specific gear even if they were paying a decent rental. I know I would have to sub rent in extra block 22s,  so if that's the rate including gear being offered, then the sub rental that I would have to eat myself would mean that this job would end up costing me money. 


Another case of unrealistic expectations.

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I notice more and more people posting these sorts of jobs that take themselves very seriously, but don't proof read what they write, so there are always spelling and grammar issues, not to mention the fact that I rarely see jobs looking for a "Production Sound Mixer", more so a "Sound Guy", "Sound Operator", "Audio Tech", "Boom Mike Operator" (my boom isn't named Mike, so I guess I don't qualify for that one!), or some other lazy or uninformed title that they wish to bestow upon us lowly "On Set Sound Designers".

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