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Producing Great Sound For Film & Video

Jeff Wexler

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The Fourth Edition of Jay Rose's amazing book is available now. We should all be grateful that Jay has taken the time and has the patience to write what I believe is the most comprehensive book that deals with virtually all aspects of our craft.


More info on the book and where to buy it can be found HERE





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That is indeed G. John Garrett CAS on the cover. His picture also graces the section on boom technique. He -- and quite a few other friends in this group and CAS -- was a tremendous help in putting this thing together. 


Even so, I probably missed some important stuff. I've started a typos-and-errata page at GreatSound.info. If you find any goofs, please let me know. I'll post them on that page, and have the publisher get a correction into the production stream as quickly as possible. 

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I always suggest folks start at www.dplay.com, and follow the link to buy (Amazon) from there; that way our friend Jay gets a tiny bit of extra love.


Thanks, Senator. You can also order from Amazon from the book's dedicated site: www.GreatSound.info, and I'll get the same commission... provided, in either case, that you order right after clicking the Amazon link on one of my sites.


But don't obsess about it. I wrote this out of love (or masochism). Books of this type barely pay Subway Tuna wages:


The publisher pays me ~$3.75 royalty for each print book sold, and ~$3.00 for each e-book.


If you buy new copies from Amazon by following my link, they add ~$2.00 commission (print) and $1.20 (Kindle). Amazon isn't offering a giant discount this week, but that's probably because the book is new and in demand. 


My site also lists a source claiming better prices than Amazon's currently offering. If it's a choice between that source or not getting the book at all, I'd rather you got the book... and skipped my Amazon commission.


BTW, rental copies pay a single royalty, no matter how may times they're rented - remember the "first sale" doctrine, which clobbered the studios when VHS movies started renting.




Somebody asked why I don't self-publish and keep a lot more of the sale price. Technically, that's not a big deal: I used to work in a print shop, and have kept up with digital publishing techniques for my documentation clients. But many more people will get to see the book if it's published by a big house like Focal / Rutledge / Taylor&Francis... that means more to me, right now, than a few extra bucks.

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CrewC, If your review is positive... could you also post it at Amazon?


Ditto anybody else gets to read it. 


For what it's worth, Jeff Wexler and Randy Thom sent me very positive notes in the past couple of days. Of course, both of them just got copies for free, in exchange for some nice back cover quotes they gave me after looking over some sample proof pages. So they might be biased...


(But in truth, and with humility considering how many people helped pull this book together, I'm really happy how it turned out.)

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Ha. I have forgotten much, but most is the out dated stuff. I think most would be shocked about how much I don't know about sound even after all my years. I know how and why to use the tools but there is a vast tech gap in my knowledge. 

Jay & Nick, I will review the book when I get to it. I'm reading a great bio about my favorite music producer Bert Berns right now.


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I bought an earlier edition. It's a book for everyone because its starting with the student/beginner in mind and follows the sound chain from pre to post, with the necessary details to keep a pro reading, all told in a practical and interesting way. It's not loaded with obtuse mathematics, though it does have some math in it... formulae you might need..and I turn to it when I not sure about something. I'm thinking about getting the updated edition. Congratulations Jay Rose and thank you for this book.

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I am flattered and gratified. You folks know film sound, and deal with it on a day-to-day basis. If you say my book's worthwhile, then I must have done something right.


... and, of course, thanks to all the people on this board and elsewhere who helped me get it right.






PS: It wouldn't hurt to say something nice about the book on Amazon.com...

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