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NEW QL Timecode Generator


We would like to announce the newest member of our Tig Q family which is the QL.  It offers all of the accuracy, features, and size of the Q28 but without the Lemo.   We know that some users just want a locking connector but don’t necessarily need the Lemo. Now the QL fits those users at the lower price.


Intro Price - $399


Top Feature Highlights

  • Proven Tig software design that works well with  all types of cameras, recorders, and even “i devices”
  • Quick and simple set up for easy use
  • Locking 3.5 connector
  • Durable design with center beam - We have run over it repeatedly with a truck and it still works fine.
  • “Flow through Audio” to work well with devices not intended for timecode (i.e. any recorder, DSLR’s...)
  • 2 year limited warranty


Now for a FREE QL


To introduce the QL we are offering a free QL “give away” (drawing) for those who “share”  the QL on facebook. The drawing will be next Tuesday at 5pm EST.  (This “give away” is also available to those in Europe.)  So share away...


Check out more about the QL at:



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Doug is right. There isn't any link to share that Moze Gear can keep track of.

There is a user profile called Moze Gear, but the company should actually convert it to a 'Page' that people can have access to. User profiles for businesses is just bad form. ;)

Perhaps you're looking at the wrong profile? There are two Moze Gears, it seems. One is a user profile and one is a business, and only it has the right logo.

And it gives me the option to share/link, etc. here is said link:


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Ok this mess is my fault and I apologize.  I am not the greatest at facebook but then I think that is obvious by now. 


Victor said he will post the giveaway flyer on facebook tomorrow morning (November 12, 2014). Thank you for being so understanding during this learning phase of my life.  ::)


Since today hasn't been such a good day for communications, I want to make sure that I clarify the drawing.  We will message you via facebook or if you would prefer we can email you.  We will assign numbers for every person who shares.  Then we will do a drawing next Tuesday for a free QL.  We are willing to ship within the U.S., Canada, and Europe. 


Thanks again.

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If memory serves me correct, at the last ramps party you made out like a bandit.  I am concerned with your luck that the others may not have a chance. :)

Great idea! He does seem to win these things all the time. =)



Can I have an entry too? I don't have a Facebook but will promote the TIG when I'm on set. 

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Great idea! He does seem to win these things all the time. =)



Can I have an entry too? I don't have a Facebook but will promote the TIG when I'm on set. 


Hi Mike,


I would love to but it wouldn't be fair to change the rules.  I will try to think of another promotion that is more inclusive and I will personally send both Senator and you a message. I agree that there are a lot of good people being left out.  


However feel free to promote the QL or Q28. That would still be appreciated.

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The winner is Dave Sohanpal.




I appreciate everyone who "shared" about the Q28/QL.  Don't forget to "feel free" to share. 


If you would like to see the video of the drawing, you can log on to:




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