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Denecke TS-3 Mystery Part

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Hey Guys,


Had a TS-3 come back from camera and they said something was rattling inside.  I opened the battery door and this small black plastic piece pictured here fell out of the slate.

It's currently rejammed and functioning normally as far as I can tell.  (It was still jammed when I got it back.  I had to rejam cause I turned it off.)

Anyone have any idea what this piece is? Not sure on a scale of 1-10 how dire of a problem it is if we continue to use the slate or if it should be sent for immediate repair.





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There's probably a capacitor bouncing around, wedged into or on the floor somewhere as well. I think the capacitor threads through the holes in that plastic piece.

We've had this happen a couple of times but the slates always seem to keep working well even after this happens.

My brain was thinking it may have been designed as some sort of G shock indicator much like the iPhones have the moisture indicator inside them.

Charlie is the expert though.



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