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Camera mount G3 more robust solution?

Ben B

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Hello everyone.

I am using a G3 as camera hops and usually mount it with the plastic plate provided with it http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/328035-REG/Sennheiser_CA2_CA2_Shoemount_Adapter.html.

I either use it on a shoemount when there's one free (which works perfectly) or with a magic arm. My problem is when i screw the magic arm on the CA2 i can't tight up the screw very good unless it pushes the screw adapter out of his housing. Since the plate is in plastic as soon as the metal part starts to slide out it scrubs out the plastic and the G3 doesn't hold very good anymore and tend to fall off. 

I tried to hotglue the metal part in its housing without success and i can't think of another solution. Has anyone encounter the same problem and found a good solution? I'm thinking of a way to fix the metal part into its plastic housing or a completely different way of screwing the G3 onto the magic arm.

Thanks in advance!


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While I no longer own any G2, I do however still use the sennheiser cold shoe mount and have also noticed this issue. Also the threaded part starts to protrude and no longer fits into most mounts. If you use a rubber washer between the quarter inch threat of a noga arm and the thread of of the G3 cold shoe mount you should be able to tighten it up enough with out pulling out the female threaded part.

Another trick I have used is a thin bit of surgical tape (the thinner paper tape type) wrapped around the last few mm of the male thread. When screwed together this will act as a locking agent or wedge and you don't have to do it up crazy tight. Fairly easy to undo and is reusable for ages. I used this on my SRa sled for many years.

Now I use a cheese plate and noga arm from small rig.com and a little velcro. http://www.smallrig.com/SMALLRIG-Easy-Plate-1598.http://www.smallrig.com/SMALLRIG-Articulating-Rosette-Arm10-1498.html Fits most of my needs. 

Cheers Nate.


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BEC makes an aluminum box for G3s that is quite good, though a little snug.


Check your dealer for a better price than what BEC lists. Or eBay, that's where I found the two I own.

This opens up the whole range of BEC mounting options or you could easily modify one of their plates to work with your magic arm. 

Bullet proof once you get it installed.

PS, K-Tek also makes a nice universal shoe plate you might look into. Not sure if it's aluminum or plastic though.

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SmallRig makes very HQ CNC machined gear at a very reasonable price for what you get, they will also work with ideas you may have to make the product better, if one feels it needs it, if the idea is accepted and it gets made they will send you one of the working proto-types.

I did a re-design on a bracket for a Small HD Mon that got accepted and they sent me one, very cool company that really does listen.

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