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Sanken CSS-50 any reviews?


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I wouldn't. Good thing for us the indigenous tribe is letting me record them.

The mic itself on paper is interesting. I was thinking of getting this mic to allow me to both mono and stereo record. I also use a mkh8060. I'm just wondering if the CSS-50 has similar qualities as a Sanken CS-3e or a Scheops CMIT-5.

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I'm currently using one as a camera mic on an Amira for a doc I'm doing. Overall I was surprised how low the high-frequency sensitivity seemed to be, at least through the camera's mic pre.  As a result, the reach wasn't all that impressive, though the stereo imaging was excellent with sources that were relatively close by.  I only monitored through headphones, but out of the box I was not totally thrilled with the sound. That said, I imagine post could boost the presence a bit in the mix, but we'll see when it gets there. For boom work I might look to go in another direction (CSS-5 or MKH-418S, or even a set of Schoeps in a Rycote)  

Have you 

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21 hours ago, Derek H said:

I'd like to hear how it compares to the classic css-5

I don't know how the new one sounds but as a long time CSS5 I I can comment on the CSS5.

The CSS5 has a lot less low freq information compared to 2 DPA 4018 or 2 MKH8040s but that does not mean I don't use it especially in noisy environments where the Low information is not needed that much. Also in the same environment I use WIDE which introduces more noise but it is not noticeable. For quiet recording I avoid the Sanken CSS5.

But at the end of the day it is very convenient to use CSS5 1 mic stereo . I put it upside down in a Rycote WS4 with invision Lyre

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