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Lavalier outer jacket repair

Adam White

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We typically use heat shrink on most lav mics that have this issue, we only have the black varient but here is the link to the grey version which might blend in a little better: http://cpc.farnell.com/pro-power/13634gry/heatshrink-2-1-grey-2-40mm-100m/dp/CB10994


The general order code is 13634 for the black, it may be avilable in other colours than just black and grey if you look around.

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12 hours ago, Adam White said:

problem: it was a DPA and the shrink tubing wasn't going to fit over either end of the mic. Had to cut the microdot and terminate permanent w. ta5. Not such a bad thing! 


5 hours ago, soundtrane said:


what i do most of the time... :)



Cheaper to repair/replace this connector too!

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