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Sound on A Star Is Born


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The sound was incredible. The levels weren't blown out or over compressed. I really enjoyed the listening aspect of this movie. In the final solo, I noticed the sound go to its highest level of the entire movie. This effect made me take notice and I appreciated the sound editor not making the entire movie ear shattering. This increase in sound level also assured me that the Theater house sound was turned up loud enough. 


I have just one comment. I watched this movie from the last row of my local Theater. I still got motion sickness. I am not sure if the theater is correctly calibrated for video projection or I am sensitive to motion sickness. However, I feel the Camera operator wiggling the camera and adding movement causes motion sickness. This seems to be a popular thing to do these days, I see moving camera shots and wiggling frames constantly. 


I would like to start a discussion about the subject of modern camera operators and directors of photography deliberately causing motion sickness whilst trying to stay hip and current. I cannot watch the tv sitcom "The Office" and most reality television. Am I alone?




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