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Zaxcom and DPA6060

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I just ran tests here at the factory with the DPA6060 connected to a ZMT3.5. This powers the microphone at 3.3 volts.  As a performance reference I had the pickup taped to a 4063. What I found is the 6060 blew the doors off the 4063. The 6060 has 8 dB better sensitivity and a super low noise floor. So reducing the gain of the transmitter yielded a lower noise floor by 8 dB over the DPA4063. Because I do not have a quiet room here at Zaxcom the actual noise floor I could measure was lower by about 5 dB as i was bumping into the ambient sound in our factory.. 


In short, this is a great mic to use with Zaxcom transmitters. It operates perfectly at 3.3V and I highly recommend it.



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Glenn, That's what I was thinking. My testing sure indicated to me that the 6060 would be awesome with Zaxcom. When I had gotten the info about the lack of a dedicated Zaxcom mic, similar to the 4060/4063 relationship, I was concerned with the bias voltage issue as well. I had previously tested the slim with Zaxcom, and in my opinion, won't work with Zaxcom, unless your shooting at the drag strip or on the runway at the airport, but the 6060 is a whole new deal. It really sound great with Zaxcom. And as much as I like the Countryman company people, and the b6 was great for what it was intended for, I compared the B6 to the 6060, and the difference in sound quality is tremendous. The b6 sounds "ok" until you A,B it with the 6060.

Thank you, Martin

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