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Comtek M-216 User Experiences

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Hey there! I have owned both the Comtek M-216 P7 transmitter and the Comtek BST 75-216 for several years now. I use the BST on my cart and get fantastic performance about of it. Zero complaints. But the smaller p216 for my bag has always given me issues with range and interface. I regularly struggle with hits within a 10-20 foot radius. I know the output power on the little guy is only 10mw but that’s should be plenty keep a stable signal with 10 feet line of sight. Tried multiple units and all yield the same result.

id love to hear if others are having theses issues or not. I’m tired of complaining clients when I’m working out of my bag and would really like to stay with comtek. Maybe I’m going something wrong.

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I have all three versions of the the comtek transmitters and use the M-216 option 7

in the bag. I’ve never had clients complain about hits or short range. I’m not sure on exact range on the m-216 but I get way more than 20ft. Something weird is going on if you’re only getting 10-20ft. 

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8 hours ago, Freeheel said:

Check the capacitor that connects the antenna to the circuit board- if the antenna gets hit, it can crack the cap which can make it intermittent and give you a result similar to what your are describing.  



Brent Calkin.


This sounds exactly like what happened to mine. Sent it in for repair and got a replacement antenna and I'm good to go. 


Not as mobile but you can hook up the m-216 to a mini-mite for increased performance. That's what I do for free drive situations.

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Does anybody has some reliable informations about the range, compared to other systems?

Maybe somebody did an A-B comparison from different models under the same circumstances, this would be very interesting.

Especially Comtek compared to Lectro IFB (old IFBs and Duet) would be very interesting to me...

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I’ve always gotten pretty insane range on these. I bought a backup, and when I tried using it, had extremely less range than normal. Turns out the antenna was malfunctioning in some way, because when I tried the rubber ducky antenna from my main 216p7, it functioned as normal. 


@Trey LaCroix your problem may be as simple as needing a new antenna. 

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