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Tiny wire in headphones

Olle Sjostrom

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Hello gang!

I'm sorry if this has been covered already, I searched and found nothing. 


So, I work in radio on national public radio. We have a bunch of dead headphones, mostly due to broken wires inside the headphones, not the cable. I'm talking about the wire that go between the cups. It's a two core cable, where the wires are red and another color. And they're super thin. The jacket is hardly a mm (bear with me, I'm European) in width, and inside the jacket sits two even thinner wires. I think you know what I mean. 


Can you buy these cables in length? I'd gladly buy a mile of it if I could find it. 


My thinking is that the tax payers shouldn't have to buy new super expensive headphones because of a broken cable that theoretically is an easy fix.

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3 hours ago, John Blankenship said:

:Echoing what Peter said. You might look at flexibility as a criteria as these likely broke due to flexing (or maybe being stretched too tightly, so address that on your repair), other than that, find something that fits, it's not critical. 


Thanks! And I’ve thought about this myself, that I can just take any wine. Right now I’m repurposing these tiny cables from other headphones, where the plastic has broken straight off but all the cabling is intact. Works. But for the most part, these cables have to small enough and flexible enough to fit in all the special little nooks and crannies of the headphones. I’m sure I can find what I need, but I find scrolling through the internet looking at pictures a bit hard; not one of the cables I find actually look like the cables I want, and that makes me think that I’ll just end up ordering the wrong cables. So my dream scenario would just be that someone knew right away what these wires are called and where to order them ;)

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That's the thing, the phones I'm trying to repair are mostly 7506s, and that wire is a very specific thickness and flexibility. I've looked into litz wire as well and that seems to work, but I'd have to put a jacket on two of those wires myself, and right about there's where my competence ends. And also, any old thin wire would do, but it doesn't really suit the national public radio to go around with frankenphones, IMO :) Still looking!


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On 11/1/2020 at 8:57 PM, Rick Reineke said:

Trew Audio has third-party straight and coiled replacement cables available for the 7506/V6 HPs. Bulk cable would be much lower cost.

Thanks! But what I need is the thin wire between the headphones. I can sort of work with what I have and I think litz wire, some paint and flexible enough shrink tubes will get me far. But I just can't understand that these cables, or wires perhaps, are not sold in bulk. But then again there's a lot I don't understand.


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