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Milo: too good to be true?

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This looks interesting, you could keep one on your sound cart feeding into your mixer for private comms, and when you need to walk away from your cart you could just take this with you and maintain communication with your crew.... something I've been thinking about implementing for a while but hadn't seen an elegant solution for yet. I think I'll back this project and give it a try. And if we don't end up using it on set, at least I can bring it on ski trips!

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There are already a couple of other systems like this especially for the horse riding market, e.g. Ceecoach. I guess they are based on bluetooth technology.


I once saw a camera crew specialized to only record / stream horseriding events, who themselves are experienced riders. They used such a system as Intercom. Range was from their "OB van" to cameras throughout the (crowded) riding arena. Cheep and good solution, was quite impressed.


Intercom systems for sports referees (e.g. soccer) are also quite interesting - reliable products beyond our soundie's horizon.

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Those wind noise algorithms are truly impressive.


But I guess all of it's speech recognition is built around the LOUD voice of the person carrying the unit, who is actually acting out (performing sport). No other voices close by in such a setup. Compare that to the many voices on a film set and your boom op whispering into a private line. I doubt that you would get some usable performance, even with a modified BT microphone, because I don't think you could adjust a treshold for the voice recognition.

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