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I thought Mixer Out Smoking was the right one?. :P 


But I guess that makes no sense either; back then you would just probably be smoking on set...


Joking aside, could it be this abbreviation, If even, could've come from another country and just sticked? The Wikipedia page is pretty funny:




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MOS was originally motor only sync. Years ago in the olden days.....

sync was made by machines being powered by 3 phase motors. Sound would be recorded on 35mm film then later 35mm magnetic. Interlock would be done with sound starting the first phase then camera joining on then the next 2 phases would be powered up and the machines would all roll in sync. If there was no sound to be recorded then sound would keep their recorder offline but still powerup the interlock system and roll the camera. If you go to the older stages at Pinewood you can see a small room about 15 feet up on the side of one of the walls. This use to be the sound room where the 35mm recorder would be kept and the whole interlock system controlled from. There also use to be a bus set up so that this could all be done on location.

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