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Wisycom MCR54 experiences


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Hi all.

Can anyone report or discuss their experiences with Wisycom MCR54?

in particular relating to performance in RF congested areas.

Also, if anyone is using them in a sound devices sl2 thoughts on this?

Any feedback would be helpful.

I will hopefully be able to demo one in the near future.



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I think they’re really well designed, and have some very clever features. The scan and automatic frequency allocation is light years ahead of other receivers. I get better reception with it than other systems just running it out of the bag with whips on. I recommend watching the Gotham video on how to use it before demoing so you can work your mind around how it operates. It’s not particularly intuitive at first, coming from other brands. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how they really thought outside the box in some ways. 

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Thanks for the reply Jon.

been watching a number of vids on this receiver.

Have used their rackmount receivers, Combiners, Ifb systems antennas and fibre optic RF hardware.

Thoroughly  impressed every time and totally agree that each piece has a learning curve.

Very much looking forward to see how a 4 channel slot receiver performs.

And very much looking forward to testing the mtp60.

Please feel free to chime in on experiences with those as well if possible.


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I could not be more satisfied than with the 54. It’s build like a tank and performs flawlessly. 
In the first days, when It was delivered, I found the range quite poor, especially compared to an old MCR42, both receiving the same transmitter simultaneously. 
I sent a message to the reseller who called me back after a few minutes and the problem was solved within an hour. 
It was a firmware problem, the one installed selected the back antennas instead of the front ones, as if the receivers was installed in the rack. Just had to install the new firmware and the problem was solved. 
If I tell you this, it’s because the range was not great, but actually It worked without antenna’s !

So you can imagine how impressive it performs with proper antennas….

I have tried a Bowtie instead of the whips, but I haven’t noticed a better range. 
Having four receivers in one slot in the bag is great, no need for antenna distribution, less cables, less weight and a very reasonable power consumption.

The multi-commander is great too, I can use it with Sennheiser transmitters if needed.

I also own a pair of A20 and love the sound of it, but they are trickier to use for run and gun. 
In this case, the Wisy’s are my first choice.

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I did a quick first walk test today with MCR42 and MCR54 on the same frequencies and the MCR54 actually had better reception over long distance.


Something I did not know prior is that all 4 channels must be within 32mHz of each other.

This limits the claimed frequency freedom to quite some extend in my opinion.

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