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  1. The best advice I could give is to have the guts to say no to gigs that might be stressful or is just a topic you don't like. It took me years before I finally had the guts to say no* to something that potentially could have given me lots of work in the future and would have looked nice on my portfolio. When I finally did say no, a weight fell off my shoulders and I felt free. I never regretted it, even though my income is probably lower than it could have been. * Apart from certain reality drama shows involving traffic accidents etc, I immediately said no to that.
  2. Software noise reduction on a recorder is probably the worst thing you can do and reduces your gear to the quality of conference calls... Noise reduction always comes with loss of intelligibility which is even demonstrated in their own product video. I too would be very p*ssed if i'd get audio delivered like that. Indeed if you apply this plugin to recordings, you have to be absolutely certain there won't be any audio mixing on the project. Like a live stream. But even then I don't understand why one would not want to experience the location, hear what people are reacting to. There's are reason this is never done on live TV (do not be mistaken with gating, that's not noise reduction).
  3. I didn't know the RF Explorer was also sweep scanning. But at least it does it at a very good frame rate. In this video you can nicely see a temporal spike:
  4. An advantage of the RF exdporer is that it shows the spectrum in real time. Sometimes I see temporal bursts at bands that otherwise are emty. These are not picked up with a single sweep scan, i'd think.
  5. To get back to the original question: It would probably be wise to choose the Sound Devices over the Zoom. Although I still like my portable Zoom H2n... And I would never record 32 bit without limiters for clients if not discussed upfront, since they will think the audio is distorted. (And I don't even know what other problems 32 bit will cause in editing software and exports to sound). For now, 32 bit is indeed great for SFX recording though.
  6. Sorry for my late response. If you haven't solved the problem yet I would really suggest using the low-gain microphones since the circuitry is build for that. Since the low gain version can handle higher SPL (if I am correct) it should be actually harder to distort the signal. Theoretically you should be able to record sports car exhausts with it although I haven't tried that myself...
  7. Pardon me if I read over it, but what Wisycom system exactly are you using? I am using MPT40 S and more recent MTP41 S for a few years and love them for their near-impossibility to distort and high dynamic range (coming from Audio Limted EN-2).. They need a low-gain microphone. I use DPA mics. In my case that is the SC4061-BM (low-gain model). Perhaps you are not using low gain microphones for the Wisycoms.
  8. So that's why they call it cyclone.. You get a DIY cyclone effect kit at the same time... That swinging test is all you need to know about the Cyclone. Best way to simulate wind. Thanks a lot for sharing. Mistake from Rycote to claim it does not need a fur cover. Cinela does not have to worry... Pity, because Cinela's are a *** in the *** to (dis-)assemble.
  9. @Cristian: It works on 2 aAA's. "Over 10 hours operation from 2 x AA batteries, or power continuously via Micro USB" Could be a stupid question, but why do the pro manufacturers (Zaxcom, Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics etc) do not work this way, in the 2.4 Ghz range and without having to bother about frequencies at all (according to Rode). No more hassle with available spectrum that is getting smaller and smaller. No more interference from another soundmans transmitters.. And required licences in some countries. Maybe the claimed range is not really that great... On times square or so.. I might buy one just out of curiosity, see how it compares with my Audio Ltd. En2's and Sennheisers. It's a pity the transmitter is so big, and it looks very fragile as well. But hey, 400 dollars..
  10. Well, on the positive side, you can brag to camera that your recorder costs $20.000 (Still not a Fujinon 19-90 though...)
  11. Well, there's Tile... Unfortunately this is not GPS but Bluetooth so not all too useful.. Anybody knows of a GPS variant on this?
  12. Super CMIT. I had a shoot in a mildly reverberating photo studio and the reverb was inaudible in the end result. Because there where also other noises (like rain on roof) I used setting 2... I wish there was a setting between 1 and 2. 2 is rather extreme but 1 has not so much effect in comparison to the unprocessed signal. I haven't tried it yet in an extremely reverberating room.
  13. I've noticed that only people with lot's of hair like them. Me, having not much hair, suffered from the pads sucking out my eardrums like a plunger at every step I took... I also use the 7506, which is far from perfect by the way but 'better that the rest' that I tested when I bought mine about 7 years ago. Also replaced the earpads with the DT-250 ones.
  14. That's a lot of lav's dying at the same time... (at the tonight show)
  15. I use a Rycote. Isn't a softie really quick to remove and put back on? I was even thinking of using this for documentary work. For documentary work I always take the Rycote zeppelin off when inside and put on the foam 'pop filter'. When I need to be ready to go outside I leave the Rycote and the fur in my bag to quickly put it on. It's not without risk: It's happened two times that I had to go outside unexpected while shooting without the Rycote on. One time when I was a rookie, and more recently last winter when I totally did not expect it, and failed to inform about the situation (I didn't know the apartment had a balcony...). I just had time to grab the fur and throw that over it, but it fell off right through the shot... That was extremely clumsy... Since then I take a little less risk and sometimes only take off the fur and leave the zeppelin on. The Rycote fur holds back a very noticeable amount of high. In rare cases when there's no wind outside I only put on the high wind cover (actually meant to use in combo with the fur) because it's more transparent and keeps the zeppelin from making howling sounds... The thing is, that with a Rycote on the handling noise is worse since the zeppelin transfers all handling noise around the microphone(s). Also, with the Rycote off it's much smaller so easier to maneuver and less prone to shadows. For interviews in a controlled environment I also take off the foamie, it makes the sound a little more crisp and pure. But only during filming, and only when booming overhead.... I put it back on between shots for protection. I'll try to make sure to get a new one before it wears out.. Old foam screens tend to leave small 'dust' specs of foam.
  16. (Ok this reply is a little useless now because meanwhile Jeff has already confirmed that it's on the server) I just checked it in Firefox by using the "anonymoX" plugin. It also happened with a UK and US ip. (But only on first visit.) Didn't get the extra popup though. Ad's are often based on you IP-addess. I did some reseach with various results. There also exists a PC virus that does something similar, but this occasion is very likely to be server-side since it only happens with JWsound and on all browsers and another PC as well. There are also reports where this happens on smartphones and the iPad. ( best resource I could find: link )
  17. The link-from-search-engine-to-JWsound-advertistements-hack is still alive. It also happens with Bing, for example and not just Google. It looks like no one can find JWsound by search engine, since you always end up with a site with all kinds of aggressive banners, even the URL is different. (Even in your own language, in my case Dutch.) Try in incognito window for guaranteed success.. This one's deep and probably lays within the website host. Have you tried contacting the host about this? Or is this a way to finance JWsound.. edit: It also happens in other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. And on an other PC as well. It does not happen on my iPhone and that's probably because you're going to the mobile version of JWsound.
  18. He should have become a DOP. They make more than double the money and don't even have to worry about equipment, because the assistant is taking care of that. As a DOP, you just make some nice shots, talk some creative blather and go home. Much easier and looks cooler too. Everything you are good at is easy. Because you're good at it. His Lav is clipping big time by the way.
  19. Happening to me, too. Just enter jwsoundgroup in Google. When clicking a link to JWsound you get redirected to crap... When that is not happening to you, open you browser in 'stealth mode' (no cookies etc) and try again. This hack is invisible for regular users, it seems.
  20. Here a realistic view of what you could expect... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHf8ERkdR8A#t=27
  21. The only thing I have noticed is that the Invision lyres leave a brownish color print on my Schoeps CMC. So it's actually (the appearance of) the microphone that suffers from keeping it in the Rycote all the time...
  22. Thanks I always have used the foam windscreen(s). But I have assisted someone who used the ball (without fur) instead of the foam for indoors.
  23. I did't realize that, seems logical . Well what holds me back from using it indoors anyway (without fur, as alternative to foam popscreen) was during a bed scene, where the sound of the sheets (off axis) where colored by the internal reflections of the ball. The material is (or was?) so hard it reflects sound. Rycote windshields also suffer from this but less I think.
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