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MiniCMIT low output. Humidity?


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My MiniCMIT has started giving me a very low output. I thought the talent was just extremely quiet, I had the gain almost maxed and it was producing a lot of hiss. I'm using a Zaxcom Nova and I've never had the gain so high before.


I tried the other mixer inputs, cables, etc.  Same thing. I definitely have +48v set and haven't changed any settings. I'm on the road and don't have all my gear to try a different mixer. Renting a 416 to get through this shoot.


I'm wondering is this what "humidity" does to these mics? Maybe it is just dirty? I wouldn't say it's particularly humid where I am. I'm on the road in a different city now and it's got the same problem. It does not crackle or make any strange sounds, I'd say it sounds fine just so extremely low that I'm maxing out the gain (which isn't fine.) Any ideas?











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