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This is a greek song who describe the "whole life" for one man. And the answer is women!


You are born she is your mother

you jump in the air and fall on the floor

she puts you in your cradle

in your eyes soap and body milk

she shows you how the duck goes

and looks like someone you had as a girlfriend

in the future in white little lights

and with burning little stars

then they send you to school

in the next desk she sits

small with the pink hair clutshes

and all the poems you two wil learn

for her to notice you you will burb

fight in the streets and get beaten

you break her windows with oranges

you fall from the roof and get killed

you get up you are sixteen

bored in class and write poems

her breasts want to burst

she is lying around in woods and waves

which verse of yours will contain her

that she wants all the fool ones

that gives kisses to teeth

and spreads her legs in strangers phalluses

you are looking for her you run from home

she does with you what ever she wants

this balsam this scent of gazia

this tyranny puls you

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particular version of this song is killing me. I love it when a band can pull off a great performance in a less than ideal setting, such as a radio station studio. Not what they're used to at all, but the frikking nailed this one. She was on top of the vocal big time...
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