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Yamaha DM3-D 22-channel digital small format mixer with Dante


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26 minutes ago, Philip Perkins said:

A mixer that is also the recorder needs TC to function in our world.  See Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Aaton, Yamaha DM7, etc etc.

Sonosax SX-ST with recorder option wants a word.  Although, never seen one in real life so I'm pretty sure they are rare?

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9 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Am not Philip, but my guess and my reasons why are: a lot of these mixing boards also allow basic recording functionality as well (might not be all the full tracks, might be just the stereo mix) and it would be nice to have these with TC as an emergency backup recording to your main recorder (say with BoomRecorder). 

The DM3 only have a two track recorder, but in other hand thru Dante or the USB you can add several recorders, such as two SD970, or two computers


But I will try to investigate reading control, it has a time reader in the mixer

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  • 3 months later...

After ordering one 6 months ago, I finally got it the other day. 


The Good:

- Motorized faders are as quiet as any I've used. Certainly more quiet than my Avid S1.

- Touch screen is fab

- Software is superior to Behringer/Midas. 

- Boom recorder and it got along great

The Bad

- Only two tracks on the recorder? Come on!

- Has a clock, and even a frame rate selector. No way to jam in or out. No 23.976!

- Limited FX

The Ugly

- .500ms changeover from Primary to Secondary. All my other stuff is seamless

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