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TinySA Spectrum Analyzer


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i got one almost 2 years ago now
i like it. much nicer display than the rf explorer. and a little more intuitive to use.

it forgets your last used settings before you switch it off. but you can save presets for the frequency ranges / settings you want to look at.
certainly a useful bit of kit to see what else is going on rf wise around you. and much better than the scan display on most receivers available these days.

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TinySA or TinySA Ultra? Anyone compare the two? Price difference is significant. 

Side note.. I’ve been pretty happy with the scans I’m able to do with the TXadvance app and an SDR dongle. If anyone has used both TXadvance and a TinySA care to comment on how the two compare? I imagine you get a lot more functionality for scanning out of tinySA.

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