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Hello, I just downloaded the app for an iPhone 5s, with iOS 8.3.

It continues to crash. (freq finder). Is there a way to get LIVE HUMAN support anywhere to make this application work?? I contacted the maker of the app without at reply.

I'm rather annoyed at paying for something that does not work from a company that does not communicate, and would not buy this app again.

Nick Teti

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I've been having some very funny results from the app recently - and it's normally very good.

A job mixing Wisycom, Lectrosonics and G3. The app would suggest frequency issues with a channel that was a million miles away from it (like 630 and 570) and when the offending channel was temporarily removed from the list a whole bunch of other clashes would suddenly appear in what was seconds ago a perfectly tuned plot. No matter what we did this would keep happening. In the end we put the single clash back in which killed the others and went with our guts that the channel spaced so far away would be fine (which it was).

Any ideas? I'll email James as well.

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Hi Steve

hope you're well mate. 

Try this. 

Close the app by double clicking the home button and swiping the app upwards so it's properly closed. Reopen it and go to "TX Type" then Enable All. 

All the Lectro info should come back. 



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Hey sorry guys, I don't know how I missed this. 

The Lectrosonics disappearing act is just a remnant of the server change I had to do on this last update. They return on the next start up of the app. But I also just submitted an update that will remove that hiccup as well.

James, I'm not sure what's happening with that transmitter list. I'd very much like to see it though. It's true that the front end filters of most transmitters would make huge spacing a moot point, but I leave the distant calculations in there for large antenna combiners and amplifiers which will take the large bandwidth and make intermod out of it. Giving an option to narrow the filter size in the app (currently infinite) is a feature I've been considering for a while now.

Nick and I did actually get to resolve the particular issue which was as innocuous as it was funny.

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I've asked my colleague for the frequency plot we had on the two occasions Freq Finder behaved in this manner but sadly we didn't export it or save it so it would be hard to replicate. Out of several weeks of use it did this only twice. If it happens again I'll make sure to send it across.

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Hi folks,

I spent two hours last night reading (and re-reading) the saga of James' work on this app. Holy smokes, very nice work James. What a brain. I learned a ton about intermodulation and RF issues.

I post to JWS, as I'm sure the site's brain trust has this one by now. I realize that James likely doesn't have time to tutor me personally on the usage of this app.

So, here I go (late to the party, as usual). I've just downloaded it for a job I have Wed-Saturday. I'll be using two wireless SMV-L/411a, Blk 22. I'm exploring the app and finding my way around it. 

After downloading:

1) On the TX list, I tap the "+" twice for the two TX's (after setting the TX types in the settings menu). The app spits out the proper frequencies which would be advisable for use: e.g. 563.200 for TX 1, and 563.700 for TX 2.

2) I set the SMV's to these freq's and should the TX's get too close in proximity to one another, James has me covered?

And that spacing leaves some room for discretionary addition of other TX's, should I have more TX's? ~ which is not my case.

I wanted to make sure I have the app's simplest workflow right, that's all.


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I am new to this product, I have always used the printed comparability  charts issued by Lectro to set my frequencys.  I noticed upon the first time that I used the endian program the app showed I had inter modulation between a few frequencys that I thought were safe using the Lectro chart.  I was setting 8 units.  My question is do other people find this also.  Just checking that this occasionally happens and I'm not doing something wrong. I suspect the printed Lectro compatible charts arent as precise once you add a number of transmitters? Or maybe not....

thanks for feedback, I'll do some more searching to see if I missed the answer if it has already been addressed.

thanks jeff 

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