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  1. I thought my day was bad, I just had to record bad actors. Regards, old school
  2. Welcome Glenn, I'm a big fan of the Deva 4, and I look forward to your dialog in the group. I can't spell or type, but I can n do record. REgards old school...
  3. A big shout out to Bruce, a true original, just like his mixer. Regards old school
  4. I never heard the story about Clear Sound, very interesting. I don't know if it's true or not, but I was told Jerry Lewis invented a sound system with a lot of mics on a grid so that wherever he went on a set he was on mic. I don't know, sounds like a lotta work or B.S. or both. old school
  5. As someone who came out of filmschool in the mid 70's, I thought everyone should know as much as possible about all aspects of film making, that was the ideal. When I got into the real world hollywood system, I was suprised to find out how compartmentized(sp) the system was/is. Now after 29 years in the IA I have met many people in all departments. The best have a total understanding and respect of all  the crafts. The others are just collecting a check. Also a good boom op by definition has to know all the concerns and needs of all the crafts to do the job of at hand. Going back to the original question, I would say being a boom op before becoming a mixer is a good thing, but is less important than understanding the job and its importance in the big picture.
  6. old school

    Great site!

    Jeff give Carol her photo credit, also I might suggest her own photo page on the sight, I would guess she has alot of great pictures to show. Keep up the good work. Regards, old school
  7. I also remenber the hard soled shoes and pavement where also not so good for the sound track, but we tried, look at the angle Don has the 815, he is the best I've ever seen. In our work together, this is the only time I can remember you and Don ever using the 815, of course my memorey is a memorey (sp?) One question, would you do it the same way today as we did it then? I semi remember that there was a wide walkup into the dolly shot that played into the reasoning that day besides the rain. Good memories, good picture, great photographer. Regards old school
  8. I came in the biz as a mixer, moved to booming, and then to cable as i moved up to better and better films. I then worked my way back up to boom op, then to mixing, so one may guess my POV. But I've worked with great mixers that never boomed a day in their lives so I'm not so sure. Just thought I'd throw it out for your POV's Thanks old school
  9. I have a 15 in power book on my cart that I use with a Mbox with protools for playback. I will also be getting boomcorder soon, but mostly I surf the net when possible. Love Wi/Fi. Also my P.Book is almost a year old and is able to read DVD rams from the deva. This has come in handy a few times when telecine doesn't transfer wild track to dailies. I open the take from the folder, drag it to the desktop and it opens as a quicktime, which I import to I Movie and then send to whoever as a email. Being a commercial sound mixer these dayz.. this is my life on the set. Reguards, old school...
  10. Mr Perkins, I understand and agree with your POV. Back in the day as they say , we all worked for and with a Director to make his/her movie, one vision, one movie. Sadly that does not seem to be the norm these days. On the bright side, this years best movie nominees were stronger than most years. Maybe this is a new trend, lets hope. Regards, Old School.
  11. Man o man thats a great picture, Bound for Glory, must bring back a million memories. When I get a day off I'll look thru my stash of photos and look for some 2 post. ps wireless internet at work is the best. regards, old school
  12. I think a good boom op and an average mixer can record a decent, useable track, with any pro gear. A great mic with a great boom swinger like don c or randy j etc... working together with an experienced mixer with top flight gear can still get K.O.ed by a production that does not give a shit about sound. I guess my point is that gear is very important, as is the sound crew, but unless you can establish a good working relationship with whole team, the schoot will be a living hell for you, the post prod. people, and your reputation. Regards, old school.
  13. Jeff, the pics look great. Must be the photographer. I think this section will be a plus for the site. I still want to see the Dolly P pic. Regards Crew c
  14. Hey Jeff, I think your site has great potential and is a service to our proffession. One thing I think could be fun is old or new photos from jobs past, and present. Sometimes a pic is worth a thousand words as they say. One pic I would love to see again is of you and Dolly Parton from 9 to 5. what do you and others think? Regards, old school
  15. Jeff, I was wondering how the CMIT holds up in a big bad wind,compared to the senneiser 80 all bagged up, or as well as the SankenCS3e in windy enviroments? regards, old school
  16. For me, it's fun, like a nickname, slang, or jive. Hard to say if it's a good reason, but it's mine regards, Old School.
  17. thanks for the info about the T power / 48phantom power standards. Also, to stay on subject, I agree that the mic one uses is the most important decision a sound person makes. I have tried them all as a boom op and as a mixer, and for my money the schoeps is my choice. So save your $, try them all, and buy the schoeps. p.s. My name is old school and I'm a equipment junkie.
  18. All three of my schoeps are 12 v, the old film standard. What if any advantage are the 48v schoeps?
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