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  1. jKennedy

    C300 Timecode Anomoly

    Lol you make a valid point. No pun.
  2. jKennedy

    C300 Timecode Anomoly

    Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping all is well since I have yet to get an email from post.
  3. Hello all. Recently I had a gig with 2 C300s which I was jamming via a zaxcom TRX900CL feeding two RX200. The cameras picked up the my timecode no problem but the letter next to the timecode in the camera display was changing from 'E' (External - my timecode) to 'F' (Freerun or the camera's internal time code) every second or two. Visually the timecode looked to be running fine. Everything was set to 23.98 and I don't think the problem was related to reception. Any thoughts or insights int this would be appreciated.
  4. jKennedy

    Slate is faster 3-4 frames from my nomad TC ?

    I know this is an old topic but I wanted to chime in for anyone looking for more answers. I just picked up a TS-3 and noticed a similar issue where the TC display on the slate and a 633 I just jammed from was off a few frames if I took a picture with my phone. HOWEVER, with the slate closed but still on I'm able to send the TC back into the 633 where it shows zero difference in the jam menu. I hope this helps. I'm just hoping that the slate is more 'picture accurate' then the display on my 633. Cheers!
  5. jKennedy

    Waist belt for transmitter

    In a pinch I've used the Sound Guy's lavaliere strap. It's not made to hold a body pack but it does an OK job and it's very thin.
  6. jKennedy

    Why Li-Ion batteries worry airlines

    Wow. So the batteries are powered by fire bombs? That's scary. Could this scenario play out with a short or does it take a puncture to create this situation?
  7. Recent move has landed me in NYC looking for location audio work. 633 / Wisycom bag looking to work in film/web/reality world. Thanks everyone!