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  1. I've had this service in Chicago for almost a year and the performance has dropped. I get 2.0mbps down or less and 1.0 up. sometimes I get .5mbps down!
  2. Perhaps I should start a new thread here - Because now we are mainly looking at Metric Halo products having better support with the Euphonix controllers. Perhaps Graham can chime in on this one, since he is using a very similar setup. Lets say we are using a controller like the MC Mix with the Metric Halo Mixer app in OSX. Euphonix claims that the MC Mix is App specific. Meaning if you are running Metacorder as well as the Metric Halo Mixer software - and you alt-tab away from the mixer and into metacorder, the MC Mix will respond to it and the motorized faders will respond to whatever application is in focus. Does anybody know if this happens when using the Mobile IO stuff? Maybe this wouldn't happen with Metric Halo mixing and MC/Boom Recorder?
  3. http://blog.broadcastengineering.com/briefingroom/2009/02/06/metric-halo-ships-mobile-io-v-51-with-eucon-and-mackie-control-support/ looks to be official. PCM, thanks for your help. I'm looking for a setup that will give me the all the options and flexibility of mixing digital. I want to be able to route anything anywhere. So you're saying the Euphonix faders are not as long as the Mackie Control?
  4. My props go to "Revenge of the Fallen" for sound design. Those vocoded robot sounds give me the chills!
  5. So with the Euphonix stuff we're probably looking at Metric Halo or Apogee only - assuming there is no way to bridge EuCon to MIDI
  6. I'm still a little fuzzy on this... If you had two boom ops, one on each comm, and lets say you had a 7pin boom line for a private boom talkback - does this eat up one of the inputs on 788?
  7. has anybody used these two products together? Is it possible to control the "TotalMix" of the RME Fireface with a Euphonix MC Mix?
  8. what do you guys think about this product? Im impressed but not blown away. It has a few extra things that I didn't expect - but then again, I don't believe its going to be enough for many.
  9. Sounds like the Samlex inverters are the way to go if I'm looking for a small one. My power supply is a Samlex SEC 1235M with their BBM switch for UPS switching to my 33ah AGM batt. It wouldn't hurt too badly to goto a 1000watt inverter... I'm just imagining that if I do end up getting pulled from A/C and I begin running on battery... all those devices wasting the DC to AC to DC conversion energy is going to hurt my cart battery run time. Am I wrong in assuming this?
  10. Hey guys, First time post here - but have been reading on this forum for a few years. I have been thinking about the 01V96 for a while. Has anybody thought about using a smaller sine wave inverter (like 100 watts) instead of a large ProSine... and then still running most the other equipment DC? So for example the only AC on the cart is for powering the board, and everything else is DC. If my calculations are correct the board will draw 7.5 amps at 12vdc. My power supply can handle 30amps with battery backup as well. Would this be more power efficient when you think about all the AC-DC converters you would need for the rest of your gear?
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