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  1. Zaxcom is not a person. People give reviews all the time about their experiences with businesses (good or bad), ie: Yelp. Are all those people guilty of slander too?
  2. How about an IFB 100-200, or CL? Do they perform that function easier/faster?
  3. I have always included a boom track as an ISO..... every source gets an ISO (lav, boom, plant, etc..etc..)
  4. I only do this when I'm dealing with a client that doesn't comprehend what prefade iso means, and what they has to do in the edit later on
  5. The pan on the 664 is far easier and faster to work with (even with my big hands) compared to Nomad. I can't say the same for the gain and HP pots of the 664 though. I use "unshifted" with my nomad so I can just press certain functions to start immediately instead of holding and waiting. This however causes other functions to become 2 hand work a rounds like using the BUS menu for panning. I'd like the BUS button to act as it does in shifted mode for unshifted.
  6. Don't jinx it!!!!! We all remember what happened with the last price changes (Nomad and 664)
  7. I don't "feel" offended when I label tomorrow's job as a "bag work" day, or last weeks work as a "cart work" job. It's just a factual thing, people do the job in different fashions, bag, cart, desk, truck. It's all good . I understand what you mean with using the acronym "ENG", it reminds me of how often "IFB "gets used incorrectly.
  8. Yup, SFX recordings! 96k and up for that work.
  9. And in what position in the magic deck does this card sit?
  10. I got a tip from jan and will be my next try for a similar workaround. (Correct me if wrong Jan), taking a channel from the cart distro (in my case the power star), into a hotbox or something like it, then powering the dc injector from that hotbox.
  11. Definitely a power thing happening. Just tested with injector running for a separate power supply, and problem vanished. ......,sigh, another part to purchase now.
  12. 5 is lowest setting before signal doesn't pass through to the amp
  13. 12v? It's the same one that other kits going around here.
  14. Red light is a good thing. I'm currently using all similar gear, nomad IFB feeding the amp (set to 5), however I'm getting a horrible grounding issue from the dc injector even with ferrite filters being used. I'm powering everything from a power star, dc injector has its own power from the power star.
  15. I wonder why we still have to ask these questions...
  16. To be honest, I've noticed the same thing, however they're in different blocks, so I won't read into it too much.
  17. Only issue Im having with the cs3e is the damn finish is coming off very easily, its the only thing im not happy with about the mic
  18. Can you route all inputs (AES or analog) to card track 1?
  19. Tons of reasons, purposes, and variations, but I think the most common is just to provide a backup of what would normally be sent to camera via hop or cable. "it all depends"
  20. I think it's the best option all around in terms for build quality and access to all parts of the mixer. The media card access needs work though, and yes the bag doesn't stand well on it's own, usually ends up laying on a side which is fine really. Next runner up if you can get your hands on is the older PEGZ-2. I also tried the PB bag made for it at first and was short lived (returned the following day).
  21. Firmware version? Type/brand of CF primary? Medium for mirroring.... CF or USB?
  22. Maybe one day they can not only generate sound reports, but include an invoice too
  23. Um.... ya it's very possible among other things you can also do. I do it from Nomad or from QRX ifb.
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