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  1. I am very happy a classic forum exists and it is reliable and full of an active userbase. Facebook is nice that everything is all in one place...but does a really poor job at organizing all of that information. I have seen many forum communities become hollow husks in todays era, and people keep "moving forward" to "better solutions" when they really just want a forum experience again. Thanks for sticking with it.
  2. I am sure, I was just saying that that there would have been another option if necessary, if I saw this post. Nothing more nothing less.
  3. Oh wow! This is a very neat idea as a guy involved in arcade games. Thanks you both for your detailed explinations. I have an Techtronix TDS 460A laying around I picked up out of the workplace. It is always interesting to find out what uses it has.
  4. Hello all, I saw recently someone selling a scope on a facebook group, and I was wondering what kind of uses does a scope have in the audio field? I have very narrow knowledge fields of electronics, and I am new to the audio field when it comes to technicals. Any input is appreciated. Regards, Jeremy
  5. If I saw this I would have offered you another cheap wireless solution from Besancon that you could have borrowed. Hope it all went well.
  6. I have been an amateur solderer myself since I was in high school. I purchased a Hakko station when I was 18 or so, and it was a night and day difference to the original Rat shack and wall plug weller I was using. A cheap iron with inconsistent heat will ruin small connectors or circuit boards if you are inexperienced, or just less skilled as I am/was. I have used this Hakko station with a precision tip (the same one) for nearly 15 years (I don't solder very often). You can make cheaper irons work for sure with the right kit. In my overall experience though, buying too cheap like I did in
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