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  1. Thanks. I was hoping I could just build a circuit to bring down the 48v phantom but I'll just buy the eumel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I was looking to build the adapter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has essentialy taken an Ambient Eumel and built their own. Or the Tram-tr79 adapter.
  4. I know when Bruce was mixing Treme he used a Cantar, Cooper cs208, and lectro wires.
  5. Thanks Abed. Here's another update http://variety.com/2014/film/news/kickboxer-crew-members-still-unpaid-as-union-presses-producers-1201389833/
  6. That sounds like a good idea. Here's an updated article. http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2014/12/kickboxer_movie_production_cre.html#incart_story_package Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. yeah its union. The production signed the tier 2 contract but failed to give the 478 the deposit. I heard from other crew members that they have to pay the DGA before they start filming in Thailand in January. It's been a back and forth game with the upm and accountants these past few weeks.
  8. http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2014/12/producers_of_kickboxer_filming.html This was a production I worked on. Some of the crew were paid for the first week of work. I'm still owed my check from week one.
  9. on my m-72 I soldered wires to the battery terminal for my BDS in case i have to run on batteries for the comtek and not use my BDS power.
  10. Congrats RVD, I look forward to stopping by PSS Nola on Monday!
  11. Kinesio Tek tape works as well as transpore..
  12. I agree with this guy. I am NOLA based as well and deal with Dan on a regular basis and he is great to work with.
  13. I'm a New Orleans based mixer that is willing to travel, I boom and utility as well. Work has been slow lately and I'm looking for work at the moment. My resume and reference are available upon request. A few members on this board can vouch for me. Thanks, Jonathan Berguno 985 - 233 - 9 three one three jberguno at gmail dot com
  14. Senator was referring to Nick's inquiry as to what blocks are available in the frequency spectrum, Puerto Rico being a territory falls under the same blocks that we are legally allowed to use in the USA.
  15. Rado, I was just curious because based on previous mixers that I have used I am used to have a momentary switch for tone. Also it it feasible to purchase the remote audio bnc to 1/8 timecode cable and use a 1/4 mono adapter to jam my denecke?
  16. Hi Jack or Glenn, I'm currently using a Nomad 4 and updated to 2.61. Do I have to hold tone for 1.5 seconds or will there be an option to have an intermittent tone that I can do 2 quick bursts after a take? -Also where can I purchase a bnc to 1/4" cable to jam my slate? or can I take a bnc cable and solder a 1/4" plug on the end?
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. It was 4 marching bands in washington square with 4 camera/sound crews. I used 2 booms and a cam mounted shotgun. Sounded great
  18. I was going to use the cam mic as a guide track and maybe 2 booms up front
  19. I Was going to use cheap Azden battery powered short shotguns
  20. I would be following closer to the front by the camera. If I had enough mics I would wire the square but it's quite large
  21. Thanks Marc. It's being shot on 5D's. Should I setup a shotgun on them as well?
  22. I have this gig on Saturday where I have to follow and record a marching band and second line around Lafayette square. What would be the best way to mic this performance? Jonathan
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