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  1. Not as directional, as can be seen... CS-3e - http://www.sanken-mic.com/upload/prd/img/img.php?photo=1001500_pola_01.jpg&type=freq CSS-5 - http://www.sanken-mic.com/upload/prd/img/img.php?photo=1001600_pola_01.jpg&type=freq
  2. I was part of a team that recorded nearly 20 British Military vehicles for their VBS2 combat simulators. If you want it done right, I'm sure David will attest to this, it's a costly venture. Right being...... Creating a list of vehicles to record Recording a list of requirements for each vehicle Recording full start-idle-stop sounds for Recording stationary low-rpm Recording stationary mid-rpm Recording stationary high-rpm Recording above three in motion Mic placement plans/diagrams for each vehicle (example) Shure SM 57 - front engine Countryman/DPA low sensitivity lav - inside engine block Sennheiser MKH8040 stereo pair - interior driver/passenger perspective Sennheiser MD421 - Exhaust (the above is generalized and subject to change once you hear a vehicle for the first time and pinpoint its noise sources) Having a driver for each vehicle that can take instructions and perform the sounds on cue Having a location and all vehicles available/booked ...and more... I could write an essay here, but need more information. Are you looking to record this yourself and want advice on how to go about it? Or are you looking to hire someone to record it all for you?
  3. ^ That's odd. Maybe the input routing shortcut is getting pressed accidentaly? (stop + input).
  4. That was an ambient recording session for a horror film that was shot here. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2965466/
  5. I was using an AG kit back then, pretty sure that's the requirement with a 60/8060 as M. I currently use the Rycote ORTF kit with 2 x 8040's for all my stereo needs. Though I've recently been experimenting with double MS for a dubstage here.
  6. Last one I did was above/behind the conductor (well, behind a piano as well in my case). On the recommendation of a veteren classical recordist, I used a pair of Schoeps MK21 wide-cardioid capsules in an AB spaced pair config (3m high) going straight into a 744t. This video has the results (no EQ/Compression) http://vimeo.com/29926788
  7. Actually not that surprising a price tag for electro-static headphones. Stax are the big company for those.
  8. Don't concern yourself with sensitivity, there's many other reasons why the MKH50 is a superior mic (smoother response, lower self-noise, lighter weight). Yes, mics with low sensitivity need more gain, but with high-end preamps (SD, Zaxcom, Nagra, etc) this is not an issue. You'll hear the noise floor of the mic before the noise floor of these preamps. The CMIT 5 U has low sensitivity and needs a lot of gain, yet it's a favourite among many due to its sound, light-weight, and off-axis response. Also, sensitivity has nothing to do with reach. Reach is a perception based on directionality of the mic and its response (to a lesser extent).
  9. There is also the factor that lots of theaters pay no attention to their playback levels. They're supposed to calibrate but never do. Worked in a cinema back home for over a year and I still remember there were certain screens I would refuse to see a film in due to the playback level (this was actually in Dublin. But I assume you went somewhere up north, Chris?)
  10. Sorry, I meant just in regards to the nextel paint peeling. Rubber inlays on the suspension definitely helps with that. As for something moving inside...that sounds annoying. If it has to opened up, that's unfortunately something Sennheiser will have to do, less the warranty be voided.
  11. Are you lot using the newer rycote lyres with the rubber inlays?
  12. Though the A/D conversion is done on the receiver instead of the transmitter.
  13. Alex, I ran this exact setup for a while. The back-to-back lyres provided with the kit will work perfectly. Not too sure if these facebook pics will link correctly...I'll give it a shot... Here's the MKH8040/30 setup I ran. Not the closest pic but the only one I could find. One single back-to-back lyre is all you need since the 8040 is so light. Here's a closer one, this time with an mkh8060 mid. Still, one single back-to-back lyre does the job.
  14. AE is the kit to get. AG if you think you'll ever use a shotgun as the mid mic.
  15. Alexa is quiet in comparison to any RED. I'd say best bet is to have grips hang some blankets for you to help break up the reflections.
  16. I recall it being fine last time I did it with a G3 to an Alexa. Lots of debate as to whether the output of a G3 is "supposed" to be mic or line. Nobody seems to now what the "unity" setting is (where the receiver is neither boosting nor reducing the output). Larry from Lectro was kind enough to mention that on a 411a, unity is +4 in the output menu.
  17. I use the low-cut on my 552, usually on the lowest setting or slightly above. Only issue I've had is with fast turns/swings.
  18. Depends on the mic for me and whether or not is has a lo-cut of its own. First lo-cut setting on the 552 mixer is 80hz 12/db octave and I rarely go above that. I rarely ever go above 100hz. Never used a low-pass/high-cut on location, or a notch filter for that matter.
  19. Bouncing around -20 to -12 is usually my goal.
  20. I was browsing the new issue of "Sound & Picture" while on-set today and who do I see interviewed inside but our very own, Rado Stefanov. Congrats, mate. It was a great read.
  21. I stopped by while John was doing his test, was very unique seeing someone with 5 different transmitters/lavs strapped to them. Good work, John!
  22. Worth mentioning that right now if you buy a Petrol Deca 601,602 or 603 bag on BH, you get their rain poncho free.
  23. Incredible, very inspiring.
  24. Mine came in the mail today. The quality is top notch!
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