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  1. Thanks Millar for the feedback....Ok I will give it a shot and see what happens. I am hoping that the 216 Comtek Tx (with the BNC antenna) will help in the performance of the kit.
  2. Amazing article on House of Cards's on set workflow. Hope this inspires producers and directors alike to start working together (camera & sound!!!!) and use technology to create a better working enviroment for everyone on set. Kudos to HOC team and David Fincher for making this big jump! http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/summer-2015/7-3-house-of-cards/
  3. I like their 48v power solution design. Great for using it on the boom and probably very affordable. A much more compact alternative to the bulky Denecke.
  4. Pumping this thread to hear any real experiences with Comtek-216 Tx and Listen Tech 216mhz Rx. And/or Listen Tech Tx & Rx kit in comparison with the Comtek-216 kit. Thanks!
  5. Hello All! A client of mine from Montreal has a shoot coming up in NYC (Brooklyn) that i cannot do and just wanted to put the word out. Very simple interview (about 3 hours) 2 C300 cabled to camera and backup recording. Let me know asap and I will send out the details. Thanks and hope everybody is having a busy summer!
  6. Here's is a quick solution for the lack of locking connector on the Tentacle (some shrink tubing and extra elastic band provided by them)....so far I am very happy with the product. Still waiting on the IOS app!!
  7. I just had the same problem with my 201. Sent it to lectro and for $120 I got a brand new front panel. In my opinion totally worth it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Wow, inspiring!...while we should focus on finding ways to diminish the use of plastic around the world (the root of this problem) this is definitely something that needs to get done. Technology could be a great tool if used appropriately.
  9. For all the above reasons, i have decided early in my career to stick with documentary, corporate work as much as i can. Of course, i am still pretty new to the game and i am not yet in a position where i can just do that, but when i can, i choose not to deal with huge crews. After all, like one of my mentors says, you can't change 60 years of history. Seems like DPs have been the kings since the early days and is not about to change anytime soon...
  10. Thanks Chris!...I just got a medium size a couple of days ago. I'm really happy with it, even though is not as compact as I would like. Great product at a great price, I highly recommend it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @ Christopher...Thanks for the quick response! and I will definitely take your advice. But just curious to know since the 416 is 250mm, same as body length of the small kit, plus there is 100mm extra (50mm on front and 50mm on the back). I am wondering even with a right angled XLR you still think the 416 won't fit?... Thanks and please know that i appreciate your input. The reason i ask is because unfortunately i don't have a store to go to in my city to try for myself.
  12. I am about to purchase one but before wanted to know if anyone has tried the small size with an MKH416 (maybe with a right angled XLR?). I know that Rycote suggests the medium size for the 416 but i also know that they suggest the modular kit 4 but most people i know use a 416 on a modular kit 3. So, anyone out there with the super-shield small that can confirm if the 416 will fit? Thanks in advance! p.s: senator, i know the "contact the manufactures", and i did
  13. Has anyone tested this product? http://www.trewaudio.com/store/Rycote-Super-Shield.html
  14. Hey SeeKai, I just finished soldering the cables. Unfortunately I don't have the camera with me so i tested with my SD302 and a recorder. I noticed that when i send tone (-20) the level is very low on the recorder (around -35). Is this normal?...the AF reading on the Rx&Tx seems fine (just over the middle) but the level on the recorder (at max) is very low. Settings: G2 Tx (sensitivity: -10) G2 Rx (AF out: +12) Recorder (line level input) Thanks again for your help!...will post pics later
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