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  1. I have a PSC cart that I may consider selling- it’s in great shape!
  2. 100%, although technology is the vector for a changing industry that’s entirely against sensible crewing in our department.
  3. You have to enter the timecode/sync menu and select first option then enter timecode mode and select “off”.
  4. After thinking about this situation, it clearly SUCKS! So sorry this happened to you, John. This is a prime example why this system WASN'T designed for this application. I can't for the life of me understand why Lectro hasn't addressed this problem with a sensible solution. John, I hope you're able to resolve this problem with a very limited or no cost to you. Good luck!
  5. Here we go again! This time there are no predictions for any future releases, just wishes!
  6. My thoughts exactly! How hard would it be to include a threaded connector on the M2R, a simple solution...go figure!
  7. dsound

    HHB Dat

    I have a HHB, Jon. Happy to discuss your needs...send me a PM. Best, D
  8. Speculation only satisfies a restless mind...let’s wait and see if SD follows through with all the announcements 😊.
  9. dsound

    HHB Dat

    Jeff- I wish you would have shared this info to the community, had I known, I never would have purchased my HHB. It did serve me well, although always one step away from an ulcer worrying when it would crap out. It actually did die on me working on a Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign (cost me a client)...I was running a SD 744 for back-up and it saved my butt. Sorry to hear the bums took advantage of you...all in the past so we just push forward to better days 😁.
  10. Any additional feedback with the D2, especially with using it in a bag setup. Best, D
  11. Jesse, Please share the name of the production company so we can have a heads up. Or, feel free to name the show if you feel comfortable disclosing the info. As a professional community we should stand together. Sorry this has happened to you and I hope you’re able to recover your loss/damage. Good luck!
  12. And it’s a race to the bottom for the younger group!
  13. You absolutely conveyed the correct response. Only a FOOL would take this kind of gig!!!
  14. +1 here as well! Kim and the folks at Denecke are the BEST! I wish other domestic companies would follow their lead with how a business should be conducted. GO DENECKE!!!!
  15. I would imagine this is on the horizon...thoughts anyone?
  16. Bravo Dave, and very well said!!! I hope the manufactures heed your advice.
  17. Any ideas out there or knowledge of something in the pipeline? Thanks, D
  18. Would love to see one of these for the SD 664... I don't need any of the faders with the CL 6, just what's in the pic.
  19. This is very sad news. I worked with Walt in the DC area on a "Movie of the Week". He was such a great guy and I learned quite a few mixing techniques from him. Even years later when I was confronted with a complex sound situation, Walt would always return my call with very helpful advice. My deepest condolences to Walt's family and close friends. RIP Walt
  20. Indeed! Only high praise for Comtek service. Can't say that about Sennheiser's service. -D
  21. Hi, Any advice for clean working wireless blocks in the Cape Canaveral area? I know it can be searched on the freq charts, but am looking for any personal working experience from other mixers. Thanks! -D
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