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  1. Hey Guys, need some input here on what most of you are using to get around the RF interference to your wireless audio feed when Camera assistants are using a Preston FIZ Remote Focus System, sometimes called a "Fizzy". In my research, these transceivers operate in the 2.4 Ghz band, and have up to 30 channels to select from. Ranging from 2.4020 GHz to 2.4800 Ghz. Now, on the surface, that shouldn't be much of a problem, but my light weight PR-216 Comtek Receivers seem to be no match when it comes overcoming the transmitting signals of the "Fizzy". Outside of moving the receiver to the back of the dolly, which is awkward for the dolly grip, I'm getting "Blown out of the Water" with RF Hits. I've used Lectrosonic IFB's with some success, but the complaint from camera, especially Steady Camera Operators, is that they are two heavy. And I certainly can't argue with that. So, the question is, what are you cats using that get around this issue. I know through talking with other Boom Operators, that some of you are using Comteks, without any issues, so I know there are answers out there, but some how they have eluded me up until now. Any input, or comments would be greatly appreciated or taken with a grain of salt. Many Thanks be well, mike reilly
  2. To all who where touched by Lee, It is with great sadness, to announce the quiet passing of Lee Strosnider this past Friday, November 29th. Truly, the most honest man, I've ever meet in Hollywood. Sleep Well, Lee. You've Earned it.
  3. As usual, enlightenment is what find from my fellow sound compadre's on this wonderful web site. Many thanks to all. be well, m
  4. Has anybody had any experience with the App: Freq Finder by New Endian ? many thanks, mike reilly
  5. Thanks for all the Zeppelin info. All very helpful. m.
  6. Ditto: Rent before you buy. Your ears will give the answer you are looking for. a Schoeps shotgun would be my choice to augment the CMIT. m
  7. The Rhino Linings Link is a hip idea. It was completely off my radar. many thanks, mike m
  8. reillysoundworks


    Nice simple set up. The receivers don't look formiliar to me.. What are the units above the CL 8 and the 788T ? m
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