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  1. I don't remember anyone blaming Daunte.. However, if you have sync troubles, it's be my experience, that the whole thing shuts down. This was something completely different. However, I did take the time to fire up my Mac, start the Dante controller, and just look at the logs, sync errors, etc. RLS, The CF card is only 2 months old. I destroyed my last one.. Small hiccup, my bad. It wont recover.. Anyone want a free Extreme Pro 32G Sandisk? So, continue on my troubleshooting.. I formatted both SSD and CF this morning.. And the errors went away. Just to be on the safe side I stopped at Trew today, and picked up another brand of CF. I'm reasonably sure it was an odd thing with the CF card, and NOT the caddie. Thanks all.
  2. Yep.. I pulled the SSD drive out, plugged it the FW800, and Guess what.. The Primary drive (SSD) seams to be unaffected. The primary drive is also the playback drive. So, the problem is now traced to the secondary drive (CF). So, it's either the Caddie, or the Media?? This is a weird one! Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks all who posted, I'm still troubleshooting. My first choice is that the Pix has got to be writing bad files when it's 'finalizing'. I've learned that timing issues, simply cause the recorder not to get any tracks, or no inputs. I'm not leaving anything out though. I'll check the other media, and see if that is same. Whats so weird is that it plays back on the Pix, without any issues.
  4. I thought that at first too.. But it plays back perfect?? Checked the Daunte control panel, and everything is green.. no errors on the Daunte logs. I can go though all of these again.. maybe something got 'off'. I thought about the media perhaps also.. The card is on the media list. It's a SanDisc 32G, Extreme Pro; UDMA7; 160MB/s. I haven't try pulling the media from the SSD, yet. Was going to try that next... How come I hear nothing while recording, or playback?? Weird!
  5. I've got a small mystery. I pulled my cart out to do some testing. I've got a cart gig coming up next month. I've got a Yamaha 01v96 going to a Pix260i via Daunte. I hit the record, talk a bit into my slate mic, while listening.. Everything sounds great. Mix, Boom1, ISOs, all good. I move my headphone jack to the Pix260i, and listen to the recording.. ALL SOUNDS GREAT. I take the files, put them in Wave agent to listen... I have these weird static??? WTF?? That doesn't play back that way. The static is very random, even on the channel where I don't have a mic on?? So.. this is weird.. First guess it's the Pix260i, but it plays the files back perfect?? Can the media be corrupting every take?? Here's a sample.. http://good4sound.com/downloads/Hotel/12-002.wav Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance. -Richard
  6. Well.. start by paying your crew about 150/day, then working a 17 hour day with an 8 (or less) hour turn around. Ends up working for less then McDonald's pay. Then add in a fact that Sharknado 2 still owes people money. They take full advantage of young, newbies in the business. Then in the short time I was there, I witnessed numerous safety problems. - There was a PA that kept jumping from a truck. (keep doing that until your 45, and see how your knees hold up). - The DP took the camera to the top of a 14 foot ladder, no safety I could see. - Several actors on top of roofs, no supports, and no safety. - The art department had some kind of flame thrower tanks, and the property manager was looking at this 2 feet away, while smoking. - No medics on set, and no fire. I'm sure the violations go on and on. These Asylum people are the worst, with a name that perceeds them. The ongoing joke on other sets is always.. "well, it least were not working for Asylum!!" If you hear about a death on their set, it would be sad, and it wouldn't surprise me.
  7. Walked that picket line for about 10 hours on both Satuday, and Sunday. I kept overhearing local 600 people say, "I can't believe how many 695 people showed up!" Today we came up with the idea to sing "happy birthday" over and over again.. We figured that getting the rights to that, might cost them dear. Even got to 99 bottles of beer on the wall, but we didn't think that was, copyrighted.. They re-wrote an entire scene in, got every extra, security gaurd, and PA to hold signs up, and staged a "Protest the Sharks" fake protest.. with us in the background. Personally I doubt they got much sound anyway, the PA they gave the boom/zoon to had the boom no where near the actors. ADR the whole movie.. what the heck. -Richard
  8. Horses get freaked out by furries too sometimes.
  9. Saw this last night.. This is a must see for everyone.. I was blown away by how good the whole team did on the sound too.
  10. So, basically.. after reading this thread.. I think that I'm going to possibly take that 'producer credit', the next time someone offers me that, instead of pay. -Richard
  11. Sony, just change the brand name too Monster Card.
  12. Sony has come up with a better 'Premium Sound' memory card. Perhaps there's some technical achievement here?? http://www.pcworld.com/article/2886403/sonys-latest-snake-oil-pricey-premium-sound-micro-sdxc-cards.html -Richard
  13. On a side not here. I tell my kids all the time that they are smarter then me for sure.. They lack the Experience and Wisdom of making proper decisions, but they are smarter then me for sure. One day they will understand what the hell I'm talking about.. -Richard
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3MBgG6Pf8g&feature=youtu.be&t=12m9s
  15. Perhaps he will get PROBATION!! AGAIN!!!
  16. Well, this is getting bad. I didn't know that this job would be so deadly. While filming in Compton, Suge Knight got into a fight with 2 crew members, got into his car, and ran them down.. one crew member killed. http://gawker.com/suge-knight-just-killed-a-guy-on-a-film-set-report-1682670439?rev=1422579104089&utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow -Richard
  17. OK, while on set the other day I found this.. It's an XLR Left/Right to GoPro audio converter box! So send your audio hops to a GoPro cam?? The camera department had this.. found it interesting.. I won't be using this, but hell.. I might have a client that request it one day.. -Richard
  18. I've done several YouTube live events, as well as some really large church type live events. Pay was the same as a short, but it's a bit more, shall we say, harrier.. No room for screw ups, or redos, so its more of a different animal.
  19. HAHAHAHA.. Yeah.. some people call that 'casual racist', others refer to it as, 'He's just set in his ways..'.
  20. Not to mention that it's going to get really hot this Summer. Double hot in the Valley. I believe there was some study showing that you need to make more then 60K/yr, or your considered poverty level. Wow. If I were to do it over, I would have picked up an RV and found myself a few Walmarts.
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