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  1. Michael

    want to build a remote roll box for fusion

    Am in the process of doing the same. Based mine around an arduino board Progressing at a glacial pace due to life.
  2. Michael

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    You might want to check with some of the local soundies. In Queensland everyone seems to be using blk 24 for IFB and 25 and up for talent and links. This seems to work especially when you need a couple of extra IFBs or talent transmitters quickly you can get them in the right block from another local soundie rather than wait for equipment to be shipped to you.
  3. Michael

    Need my damn picture!

    I was going to get this to try out but never got around to it. Anyone tried these? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/769549-REG/MuxLab_500700_HD_SDI_Extender_Kit_Transmitter_Receiver.html
  4. Michael

    FreqFinder v2.0

    Here is the Australian Database. http://web.acma.gov.au/pls/radcom/register_search.main_page
  5. Michael

    Sound carts from France

    My main concern with these carts would be then weight. The look like the would weigh a ton when empty, kinda like drawers cases on large stage shows.
  6. Michael

    Mixer for first sound cart?

    Sometimes the senator is right, some times he's just funny But In all honestly it's not about being a sound snob. It's about using gear that you enjoy using, and is functional in the way you need it to be on location. If your not battling equipment to make it do what you need it to do, you are more likely to end up with a better end product ie happier clients. Lots of guys are extremely with happy mixers that were not designed for location. Philip Palmer uses an 01v if I recall correctly, the Makie onix was(is?) another board people used due to the built in FireWire out. Use what you want to use but be aware of the limitations before you get on set I guess is my point.
  7. Michael

    Mixer for first sound cart?

    Don't forget the sexy sexy faders that never seem to loose that brand new feel. Yay dual rail faders. For the same reason people buy sports cars. The sheer driving pleasure. Every time I put on the cans and get to mix on my SONOSAX it's a pleasure to use and as you would expect from the Swiss it's quality to the Nth degree. The functionality of the routing,the comms, the metering on the input and output stages of each channel, are all functions that make it a pleasure to drive and do my job easily. Also for the dependability. I have literally has a tree fall on my follow cart , just missing the main cart filling the SONOSAX with bark, some water and lots of dirt. I opened it up, cleaned it out and it was working pefectly after about half an hours work. (This also explains the tree references you might see after my posts, especially from Justin and Rob. ) I have to disagree there. To me it's way more important to have quality pres for very quiet stuff. If I'm mixing a very quiet, intimate scene I'll get my boomie to hard wire. I know I can get much more signal out of the SONOSAX pres than I could out off a butt plug before the noise level is too high. Michael
  8. Michael

    Mixer for first sound cart?

    I do, but I still have to lift the damn thing. A lot lighter now that I got the powermax ultra mod
  9. Michael

    Mixer for first sound cart?

    I'm guessing the2Ru power supply is quite heavy. One of the biggest things I forgot when building my first cart was the weight, which was fine until I had to get it up a set of stairs. If you have a heavy power supply before you add any batteries you could wind up in trouble with weight. If you are looking at a 788 I agree with Tom, really think about the CL9. Same with the deva/mix12 combo.
  10. Michael

    Live flight tracking

    http://flightaware.com/mobile/ Just wondering if anyone else is using anything like this on set to help fit between the troublesome planes? Michael
  11. Spoke to local fx guy (australia) who uses these type outdoors only. He said they were based on baby oil without the added sent. Damm stuff reeked like hell.
  12. Michael

    Preston Remote Focus Interference on G2 receivers?

    I've heard the Preston's moters whining sometimes. It has to do with the type of moter they use(stepper I think rather than servo) which uses current to hold the moter where it is when not in motion. Though I have only heard this sound on older rental house Preston's never heard it with a new/well maintained one.
  13. Michael

    Deva Np-1 battery life

    I usually get 5-6 hours with my Np1 LIONs with my deva 16. That being said if im not doing timecode to camera/slate I'll usually power down between setups which can easily get me a whole day.
  14. Mad as hell rocks.
  15. Michael

    Sydney soundo's

    Would love to,but as a seller for consignment items you don't get paid till it gets sold, and you don't have the item for well before then. At least this way if I need the deva I can just grab it out of its pelican.