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  1. What is now your dynamic setting ?
  2. I try with a I phone 4 but I don't see any information.. Anybody have a solution?
  3. my phone is a 5 S but I miss all the gain information to :-( you now if the Zaxmote App works with a IPad mini ?
  4. MKH 8050 with the pico ( Areitec) and the TRX works perfectly
  5. I have two pico's what I use with my LTH 900 and I can say this is a dream to have :-) for me and my two boom oper.
  6. Hey Danivan , I have to a Sonosax ST-SX8DR with a incorporate recorder ( and new remote ) and a MiniR82 .. I never loss a sound .. This is my master recorder and never any problems with both recorder .. I now that he need time for update .. But Sonosax is a solid mixer and recorders .. I work now more that 15 years with Sonosax .. :-)
  7. Sonosax have now a new update for the recorder :-)
  8. I have shoot a western series in canada with horses and We don't have any problems with the boom .. The film horses have normally experience with the boom ..
  9. Software update .. Maybe in the next week :-)
  10. left is the new Remote with the soft.4.... right the old remote with the soft.. 3.....
  11. Hey :-) the remote is only for the SX-ST ..
  12. Hey , this is a good news and good things from Sonosax http://www.mecasax.ch/products/fanplate No Moore so much fan noise on set ;-)
  13. i mix all the booms ,and the simultaneous wireless on set ...i am using the Direct Outs of the mixer. for ever... Mic .. so track one for the Director,script and the cutter(film editing), in the post, if the sound editor miss some thing, he can open the polyfiles and take ever ... sound what he like to have ..that is the sound mixers job on the set ..
  14. yesteday on set ... 2 Booms for one scene :-) nice work ..
  15. i can control the timecode with the app(signal) .. and if i dont have a timecode slate on set ... you can youse the app ...
  16. yes ... a app from zaxcom to see the timecode from the IFB :-) +1
  17. christian , this problem exist only in germany :-( looks like (.....mobil) rental ..if i have this noise dolly ... we try to return the dolly to the rental house,,, every produktion the same problem with this rental gear ...
  18. no sonosax do not have a sound report on thid update ...
  19. I shot with a epic and the red one .. Both became with my ERX from zaxcom the Tc and both have the setting ex jam .. No problem evethings are sync ..
  20. He Patrick , I have the SX St with the Intern recorder and the new remote .. (the version 4. ) I like it very much but Sonosax have to do a update than ther is a bug with the metadata .. I have crach 9 sound files after to have edit the metadata ., I have the TrX from zaxcom that safe all the scene .. I hope that Sonosax fix the problem really fast... Apart from this :-( I am really happy with the new remote ..
  21. hey john , do you have install the update 4 ... for the mini or R4 ? i have the version 4 for the SX-ST but there is a bug when you change the Metadata .... so carefull to change the Medat.. after the recording...
  22. Now the software update to the version 4.... Is on the Sonosax site .. For the minir82 to .. :-)
  23. he BoomBoom Pierre .. the solution (Zaxcom found )for the noise problem with the TRX 900 and the DPA 4063 .. that is the new 2K Noth Filter :-) works fine and now the sound is clear ....
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