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  1. Have a pair of both the OMs and CMs - both are fantastic and AMAZINGLY light weight - great for all sorts of stuff!
  2. TDP

    UM200C Damage

    Squelch bypassed somehow? +1 on checking with something terminating the pack is a good first step. Bad antenna(e) / connection on the pack? What does it do when you remove the antenna and then plug it back on? Does it seat properly (does it wiggle / does the sound get worse when you move the antenna where it connects to the Tx)? I'm sure others will have more suggestions…
  3. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Ended up getting a 442. Will let everyone know how it goes! Many thanks (as always) for all of your input and help.
  4. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Hunting for 442s in better than average shape. Still have the 552 I spotted for $1300 on hold in case the 442 stuff falls through in case everyone was curious. In comparing the specs of the two and the block diagrams, the topology and input / output configuration seems pretty similar. The limiters are different from what I can tell (442s are optical) and obviously there is all of the additional A/D stuff in the 552. Any other current users of the 442? 552?
  5. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Thanks for the input jrd. I see a lot of love for the 442. How many of you are still using them…?
  6. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Thanks for all the info. I am watching the WTB forum to see if anything pops up on a 664/ 788/ 442. Unfortunately I'm limited to around 2K for this project to find something so we'll see what I come up with! Will update everyone if I find something. Very much appreciate all of the helpful info and opinions!
  7. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Main issue right now is mixing. Only have a FP24 (mix pre) which is feeding 3-4 on my 744t. Looking for something to accomplish that. Which is why I was leaning towards the 552.
  8. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    I do notice that the 552 goes for a bit less than the other devices but still above the 442. RP - Can you elaborate on why you feel it's inferior? And 6 tracks is nice but most of my stuff is 4 or less. I just feel a bit limited by not having the ability to record separate mixes and isos and find myself compromising right now with only a 2 channel mixer feeding 3-4 on the 744t. For anything higher than that I suspect I would use my music rig which is 30 channels.
  9. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    Definitely leaning that way. Curious how you link the i/o of the 664 and 744t - AES out? Has me thinking if this would be possible on the 552 for more flexibility.
  10. TDP

    744t Upgrade Path

    RP - I have considered the 442 route given their current sale prices. I have a lead on a 552 for around the same price so I'm leaning towards that. My main concern is flexibility - I use a 552 daily at my "day gig" and have no real complaints with it. I've tried to think about how I could use the two recorders (744t and 552) together to get 6 tracks but haven't come up with anything as of yet that is practical or easily configurable without some serious hacking. I do wish I could go the 664 route but the only way to get into that would be to sell my 744 and hope to get above market resale for it. The WC i/o is a definite plus as is the expandability. Philip - That is a nice setup! Completely unrelated - but is that gooseneck light powered off the bag or is it one of the freestanding littlelites with the AC cord on it? Thanks for the suggestions everyone - keep em comin'!
  11. Hi all - wanted to see what others suggest here. I currently have a 744t and a FP24 (SD Mix Pre) in a PS607 and it works great for the smaller shoots that I do. I have a few projects coming up and I'm currently on the fence about "upgrading" and not sure if I should add a 552 or ditch the whole thing and go the 633 route. I do quite a bit of music recording as well and the 744t is pretty invaluable for that (higher sample rates, word clock i/o). The 788+CL8 would be perfect but unfortunately out of my budget even if I sold the 744t. I realize this is a very subjective and that it depends on the gig. To be clear, I'm not looking for a "do this, do that" answer - just everyone's collective thoughts, maybe 744t owners / those who have upgraded / those who have moved to something else. Thanks in advance!
  12. TDP

    JW's New Look

    Diggin' the new look!
  13. Have used this several times on a few different projects - it saved my bacon (and time) every time I used it. Really easy. Nice interface. GREAT support from Justin.
  14. DPA Microphones Hits the Road with Counting Cars Our very own Rado Stefanov featured here - two-fold posting this. One, to obviously give his work on the show a little shout out and two, to say thanks for being understanding and helpful in a recent transaction. Always nice to see all areas of the sound community covered here and the individuals so willing to interact with (almost) no hesitation to anyone intelligently curious (and who has used the search function). Having said that, sorry if this is posted somewhere else :-p. (Yes, I used the search!) Cheers
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