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  1. 2X seems to be the ticket. Visually achieves the effect and is still singable with practice. About :30 of timecode before the start of the song. Timecode starts at 00:59:30. For cueing into different parts of the song, about 8-16 bars of preroll seem to do work. The 2nd AC will get faster at slating/watching for the numbers to start then FOing.
  2. I've learned a lot from Phil Palmer over the years and his technical problem solving abilities. It's pretty cool to apply many of these things in everyday workflow that we figured out through sometimes trial and error. Trial and hopefully minimal error can turn into normal everyday successes. But I still worry whenever I turn in that edit master file for high speed music. Once 7am rolls by and no email from Encore, I feel relieved.
  3. I agree it is challenging to lip sync at high speeds. Depending on the song it's pretty much impossible above 2X unless it's a very slow song inherently. Though using timecode for the high speed playback in addition to the normal speed will help out post immensely. And I think you'll get your slate to read the high frame rates once you try the non-pitch correct approach. You're right the quality of the wireless might not make a huge difference but the level of the timecode will. Make sure the timecode signal is nice and hot. Hope it helps Blas!
  4. Blas, Yes first try a higher end wireless system like Lectro or Zax. Second, in Pro Tools... On your sped-up versions that you made, process the music and the timecode differently. Use the pitch correction for the music like you are doing... But DON'T pitch correct the time code. "Let the timecode go chipmunk" is a saying we came up with on glee while figuring this out. Let me know if this works for you! -Devendra
  5. Jon, those components you listed together would draw closer to 5.5 or 6 amps.
  6. This one is raised 6". Stock hight would still accommodate an 11 space rack frame that is 18" deep. -Devendra
  7. These are perfect guys. Jeff, I didn't have these on the card you have me so thanks of posting them here! Trying to find that perfect image of a Nagra/Sela combo on a mini cart of yesteryear.
  8. Hey JWSound! I'm on the search for some old sound cart images. I have several from Jeff himself already, but I'm specifically looking for some images of small Nagra/Sela mixer combo rigs and the more minimalist the better. Google Images isn't bringing up what I have in mind, so if anyone here has something in their archives and wouldn't mind sharing with me please send me a PM. Best, Devendra
  9. I guess I was already dreaming about breakfast when I wrote that late last night!
  10. Very nice to meet you yesterday Mick! Thank you for the shout out about the cart. Thanks guys for the pleasant words! This cart in an unexpected collaberation by Backstage Equipment and Encore Cases. I originally bought a Backstage TR-01 (upright video assist cart) many years ago. Plan was to build up gear and begin outfitting that cart. As plans evolved I decided to go the "case-based" route and had the Backstage TR-01 shortened to become a base. Had Encore build a series of custom cases that interconnected with road case hardware. Then had Backstage install 1" steel beams under the Encore case with threaded holes in deliberate spots that matched the holes in the Backstage base top. This allows for 4 hand bolts to fasten the two together. Modifications were of course needed over the years and it's nice that these two businesses are located near one another. Once I bought my Transit van I had to have the base shortened even more to fit. Seems simple enough because the base frame is built to be modular. But shortening the base for me also meant re-fabricating rack rails for the drawers. This always included a trip there to measure and discuss, a trip there to drop it off when their shop guys could schedule in the custom work, and a third trip to pick it up! First world problems! A recent adddition was the monitor case and yolk [yoke]. Same unexpected collaboration by these two companies. Case by Encore, and Yolk mechanism by Backstage.
  11. I think New York is about to gain a tremendesly talented Boom Operator. Ken, You are top notch here and you will be top notch there as well. You will be missed my friend! -Devendra
  12. I'm NOT a manufacturer but have spoken to many. Many factors yes. The ones that stand out that I would bet are at the top of the list: how many units they would possibly sell of the newly developed product, how to keep from making the previous model from being obsolete and diminishing resale value (in effort to not screw their customer base), and lastly especially with electronics... Parts. Parts that they can't make in-house. Parts availability from suppliers either locally or off shore I would imagine has a huge impact on decision making in product development.
  13. All good everyone! What's an internet thread nowadays without flame war, fandom, and trolling. But yeah, how about the PSC Solice Mini. I think he's going to sell a lot of them. As I've been working off of that mini cart on occasion, the only thing that has bummed me out is not having linear faders like I'm used to. The 664 is awesome but anything over 3 mics and those knobs are tough!
  14. +1 Senator is a good guy. Anyone who is deeply offended by his posts tend to inadvertently reveal their insecurities.
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